Jerry Zandstra

Gerald "Jerry" Zandstra, is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, and currently serves in Wayland CRC[1] and is the Co-founder of The Inno-Versity Group.[2]

Christian Reformed Minister

Zandstra was ordained as an ordained minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church on October 6, 1991[1] at Midland Park, NJ. He served the following CR churches: Midland Park, NJ, 1991–93; Seymour, Grand Rapids, MI, 1993-2000; Hillside, Cutlerville, MI, 2001-06 (Leave, 2005–06); Interim, Wayland, MI, 2006–13; Wayland, MI, 2013[1]

Education Interest

Zandstra holds a Bachelor's degree from Calvin College, two Master's degrees from Calvin Theological Seminary, a Doctor of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a second doctorate from the Western Michigan University School of Public Affairs.[3][4]

He has taught in the MBA program at Cornerstone University.[2] Zandstra was also an advisor to the Kenyan Constitutional Committee.[5]

Zandstra has been involved with forming Charter Schools and has been part of the creating of charter schools in Michigan.[6]

In late 2014, it was announced that Zandstra headed up a group that was intending to purchase the Steelcase Pyramid Building for an agreed amount. The group intended to re-purpose the building for educational purposes.[2] It was announced on May 9, 2015 that the agreement fell through.[7] It turned out that Steelcase sold the Pyramid building to a Norman Development LLC who was going to lease the building to Switch. When Switch announced "plans to convert the pyramid and its surrounding property into the nation's largest data center east of the Mississippi River," Zandstra's group filed a lawsuit in Kent County Circuit Court.[8]


Zandstra played the character Reverend Jerry Wells in The Genesis Code,[9] produced by American Epic Entertainment, of which, he has been the president.


Zandstra co-founded Inno-versity,[2] a "Lowell-based company he founded to create training modules and presentations for a wide range of companies".[2]

Politics and Economics

Zandstra unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in 2006.[10]

Zandstra was a former director of a free-market think tank, called the Acton Institute.[11]

Personal life

Zandstra grew up in Highland, Indiana and is also married and has three sons[4]


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