Jerry Lewis filmography

Jerry Lewis appeared in movies and television from 1949 to 2017.

Martin and Lewis in film

YearTitleLewis roleNotes
1949My Friend IrmaSeymour
1950My Friend Irma Goes WestSeymour
1950At War with the ArmyPFC Alvin Korwin
1951That's My Boy'Junior' Jackson
1952Sailor BewareMelvin Jones
1952Jumping JacksHap Smith
1952Road to Bali'Woman' in Lala's DreamCameo
1952The StoogeTheodore RogersAlso uncredited writer
1953Scared StiffMyron Mertz
1953The CaddyHarvey Miller, Jr.
1953Money from HomeVirgil Yokum
1954Living It UpHomer Flagg
19543 Ring CircusJerome F. Hotchkiss
1955You're Never Too YoungWilbur Hoolick
1955Artists and ModelsEugene Fullstack
1956PardnersWade Kingsley Sr/Wade Kingsley Jr.
1956Hollywood or BustMalcolm Smith

Jerry Lewis in film

1957The Delicate DelinquentSidney L. PythiasAlso producer
1957The Sad SackPrivate Meredith Bixby
1958Rock-A-Bye BabyClayton PooleAlso producer
1958The Geisha BoyGilbert WooleyAlso producer
1959Don't Give Up the ShipJohn Paul Steckler I, IV, and VII
1959Li'l AbnerItchy McRabbitCameo
1960Visit to a Small PlanetKreton
1960The BellboyStanley / HimselfAlso director, writer and producer
1960CinderfellaCinderfellaAlso producer
1961The Ladies ManHerbert H. Heebert / Mama HeebertAlso director, writer and producer
1961The Errand BoyMorty S. TashmanAlso director and writer
1962It's Only MoneyLester March
1963The Nutty ProfessorProfessor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love / Baby KelpAlso director and writer. Selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".
1963It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldMan Who Runs Over HatCameo
1963Who's Minding the Store?Norman Phiffier
1964The PatsyStanley Belt / Singers of the TrioAlso director and writer
1964The Disorderly OrderlyJerome LittlefieldAlso executive producer
1965The Family JewelsWillard Woodward / James Peyton / Everett Peyton / Julius Peyton / Capt. Eddie Peyton / Skylock Peyton / Bugsy PeytonAlso director, writer and producer
1965Boeing BoeingRobert ReedFinal film for Paramount
1966Three on a CouchChristopher Pride / Warren / Ringo Raintree / Rutherford / HeatherAlso director and producer; first film for Columbia Pictures
1966Way...Way OutPete Mattermore20th Century Fox release
1967The Big MouthGerald Clamson / Syd ValentineAlso director and producer
1968Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the RiverGeorge Lester
1969Hook, Line & SinkerPeter Ingersoll / Fred DobbsAlso producer
1970One More TimeOffscreen voice of the bandleaderAlso director, writer and producer
1970Which Way to the Front?Brendon Byers IIIAlso director and producer
1972The Day the Clown CriedHelmut DoorkAlso director and writer; uncompleted/unreleased
1980Hardly WorkingBo HooperAlso director and writer
1982Slapstick of Another KindWilbur Swain / Caleb Swain
1982The King of ComedyJerry Langford
1983Cracking UpWarren Nefron / Dr. PerksAlso director and writer
1984Retenez Moi...Ou Je Fais Un MalheurJerry Logan
1984Par où t'es rentré ? On t'a pas vu sortirClovis Blaireau
1987Fight For LifeDr. Bernard AbramsTelevision film
1989CookieArnold Ross
1992Mr. Saturday NightHimselfCameo
1993Arizona DreamLeo Sweetie
1995Funny BonesGeorge Fawkes
2008The Nutty ProfessorProfessor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love (voice)Direct-to-DVD
2009Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!Stationmaster (voice)Direct-to-DVD
2011Method to the Madness of Jerry LewisHimselfDocumentary; also produced
2013Até que a Sorte nos Separe 2Bellboy
2016The TrustMr. Stone
2016Max RoseMax Rose


1975Spellbound game[1]
19807-Eleven Convenience Stores[2]
1991Diet Pepsi "You Got the Right One, Baby"[3]
1990sCoca-Cola [4]Directed by John Landis

Other film work

1949How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the BorderPrivately made short film; never commercially released
1950Screen Snapshots: Thirtieth Anniversary SpecialShort subject
1950My Friend Irma Goes West TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1951Sailor Beware TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1953Scared Stiff TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1954Living It Up TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1960The Bellboy TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1960RaymieSings the title song only
1964The Nutty Professor TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1964The Disorderly Orderly TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1966Man in MotionProduction trailer for Three on a Couch
1984Terror in the AislesArchival footage of Lewis in Scared Stiff
1990Boy8-minute short from the compilation film How Are the Kids? (writer and director only)[5]
1992The Making of Mr. Saturday NightDocumentary for Mr. Saturday Night
2013When Comedy Went To SchoolInterviewed for the documentary on The Borscht Belt comedians
2015TrumboArchive footage of Lewis hosting The 29th Academy Awards
2017Sammy Davis Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be MeScenes for the documentary on Sammy Davis Jr.

Television appearances


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