Jeremy Klein

Jeremy Klein (born July 12, 1971, in Torrance, California) is an American artist and former professional skateboarder.

Jeremy Klein
Personal information
Born (1971-07-12) July 12, 1971
Torrance, California, United States
Country United States

Professional skateboarding

Klein rose to prominence as one of the original riders for Steve Rocco's World Industries company. He then switched to Birdhouse Skateboards, founded and owned by Tony Hawk. After being one of the first professionals on Birdhouse, Klein retired from the company in 2008.

Hook-Ups Skateboards

Hook-Ups is an American skateboard brand created by Klein in 1993 that is known for using Japanese animation style female characters and monsters on their products.[2] The brand was part of the Blitz Distribution family who also distributed brands such as L.E Skateboards, Black Label, and SK8Mafia at that time.[3]

Hook-Ups began as a T-shirt brand but grew to include skateboards, shoes, and accessories; as of fall/autumn 2012, the brand produces skateboards, T-shirts, a baseball-style cap, and stickers.[4]

Other media

He has appeared as himself in several episodes of Tom Green Live!.[5][6]

He appeared as himself in the 2007 Steve Rocco documentary The Man Who Souled the World.[7]


  • World Industries: Rubbish Heap (1989)[8]
  • Tracker Trucks: Stacked (1991)
  • Birdhouse Projects: Feasters (1992)
  • Birdhouse Projects: Ravers (1993)
  • Birdhouse Projects: Untitled (1994)
  • Hook-Ups: Asian Goddess (1994)
  • Birdhouse: The End (1998)
  • Hook-Ups: Destroying America (2001)
  • Birdhouse: The Beginning (2007)[8]


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