Jenny (1962 film)

Directed byHenri Safran
Written byGeorge F. Kerr
StarringGrant Taylor
Distributed byABC
Release date
28 March 1962
Running time
75 mins

Jenny is a 1962 Australian TV drama.[1]


A 16-year-old girl considers suicide because of her family being torn apart.


  • Carolyn Keely as Jenny
  • Joan Winchester as her mother
  • James Condon as her father
  • Grant Taylor as the man her mother is in love with
  • David Yorston
  • Lex Mitchell


It was the first of a series of six Australian plays to be produced by the ABC in 1962.[2] The other five were:


A critic from the Sydney Morning Herald called it "first rate drama" until the last five minutes when "it collapsed into nothingness" because it left unanswered the central question, namely "Should the partners of an unsuccessful marriage forgo their own chances of happiness for the sake of their children?... Did author Kerr simply throw up his hands and give the whole thing away?"[3]

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