Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang (Chinese: 王建复; pinyin: Wáng Jiànfù) is a Taiwanese actor and television host. He was previously contracted to MediaCorp and was based in Singapore for over a decade. He was a prominently a full-time Mediacorp artiste from 1999 to 2010. As he decided to pursue a career in singing, he left MediaCorp in 2010 and returned to his native Taiwan.

Jeff Wang
Wang at a fundraising event for the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosions
Born (1976-10-07) October 7, 1976
OccupationActor, host, singer
Years active1999-present
Spouse(s)Chen Hui Wen (2008-2013)
Children1 son
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese王建复


Wang was overall male champion on Star Search Singapore 1999 and was awarded a contract with MediaCorp. He began acting minor roles in various dramas and is best known for his role as the villain Ying Tiancheng in Holland V, which was voted the Top 10 Most Memorable Villains at the Star Awards 2007 anniversary special celebrating 25 years of Chinese drama. His big break in hosting came when he replaced Kym Ng and Bryan Wong as host of City Beat and was nominated for the Best Variety Show Host award twice. He has since hosted many programmes and events including the Chingay Parade, award-winning talk show Say It If You Dare and Project SuperStar.

Wang has diversified into singing. He wrote and sang the theme songs of several MediaCorp drama series which were nominated for the Best Theme Song several times. In 2009 he released his debut album Dream.Route.[1] As he decided to pursue a career in singing, he left MediaCorp in 2010 and returned to his native Taiwan. His last drama was Devil Blues[2]

Personal life

Wang secretly married his long-time girlfriend, a Singaporean, in 2008 and they have a son. He only revealed his marriage to the press in early 2011.[3]

In 2008, Wang and some friends set up Xiao Bar Wang (小霸王), a chain of shops selling Taiwanese street snacks. It has expanded into Malaysia and is co-managed by fellow MediaCorp artistes Apple Hong and Ong Ai Leng.[4] Wang received the SME One Asia Award (Emerging Award) in 2011.[5]



2004Devil Blues 叛逆战队Yifa
Double Happiness 喜临门Luo JiafuNominated - Star Awards 2004 Best Supporting Actor
2003A Toast of Love 吃吃面包谈谈情LesterGuest appearance
Holland V 荷兰村Edison Ying TianchengNominated - Star Awards 2003 Best Supporting Actor
Lobang King 我是Lobang KingXu JiefuNominated - Star Awards 2003 Best Comedy Performer
2001The Hotel 大酒店JeffGuest appearance
2000The Invincible Squad 迷幻特警Zhuo Sifeng
Adam's Company 亚当周记Bai Ketu (Tadpole)
1999Sensitive New Age Guy 新好男人Stewart


2006We Are Family 左麟右李之我爱医家人Dick
2002I Not Stupid 小孩不笨Mr Liu's Taiwanese colleague (Cameo)

Variety/Infotainment Shows

2010Taiwan - My Taste Paradise 食分不一样
2009Giant Stars 2009 星光灿烂Stars 2009
2008Say It If You Dare 4 有话好好说4
My Star Guide III 我的导游是明星3(Dali City, Lijiang and Southern Silk Road)
2007Star Awards 2007 Post-show Party 红星大奖2007 - 庆功宴
S’pore Cancer Show 癌过有晴天
OSIM iGift uHealthy Osim送礼更健康
Bioskin Dreams Come True 让你好看
Mission 4 创业无敌手
Behind Challenge 奇人创奇录 /中新合作
Say It If You Dare 3 有话好好说3
I Cook For You 名厨上菜
Ren Ci Charity Show 2007 仁心慈爱照万千2007
Music In The Air 音乐格斗场
Way to go 冤家路窄
The Essential LNY Guide 迎春接福好过年
2006Star Awards 2006 Post-show Party 红星大奖2006 - 庆功宴
Project SuperStar 2 绝对SuperstarII
Man O Man II 男人帮II
A* Planner 明星特派员
PSC Nite 2006 全新普威展活力
Project Slim II 享瘦人生II
Say It If You Dare II 有话好好说II
Superband 1 非常Superband 1
2005KP Club II 鸡婆俱乐部II
Man O Man 男人帮
Quirky Foodies 餐餐有趣味
KP Club 鸡婆俱乐部
Project Superstar 1 绝对Superstar 1Nominated - Star Awards 2005 Best Variety Show Host
Project Slim 享瘦人生
Say Cheeze 好摄2人组
The Jetstar Asia Experience 飞行星体验
Say It If You Dare 有话好好说
Chingay 2005 妆艺大游行2005
2004All In NETS NETS有钱坤
2003Living Rooms 佳居情缘[6]
Shoppers’ Guide II 周末大热卖II
2002Fann Adventure 非范之想
Super TV Champion 超级电视迷
Amazing World 你说奇怪不奇怪
2000-2003City Beat 城人杂志Nominated - Star Awards 2003 Best Variety Show Host
Nominated - Star Awards 2002 Best Variety Show Host


20008th Star Awards CeremonyBest NewcomerN/ANominated
200210th Star Awards CeremonyBest Variety Show HostCity Beat 城人杂志Nominated
200311th Star Awards CeremonyBest Comedy PerformerLobang King 我是Lobang KingNominated
11th Star Awards CeremonyBest Supporting ActorHolland V 荷兰村Nominated
11th Star Awards CeremonyBest Variety Show HostCity Beat 城人杂志Nominated
200412th Star Awards CeremonyBest Variety Show HostAll In NETS NETS有钱坤Nominated
12th Star Awards CeremonyBest Supporting ActorDouble Happiness 喜临门Nominated
12th Star Awards CeremonyBest Theme Song《回来》 (My Love, My Home)Nominated
200513th Star Awards CeremonyBest Variety Show HostProject SuperStar Grand Finals 绝对SuperStar 总决赛Nominated
13th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Male Artistes N/ATop 20
2007 15th Star Awards CeremonyBest Theme Song《并肩的方向》 (The Peak)Nominated
15th Star Awards CeremonyBest Theme Song《风的肩膀》 (The Homecoming)Nominated
15th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Male ArtistesN/ATop 20
15th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Memorable Villains
(Drama category)
Ying Tiancheng
(Holland V)
201017th Star Awards CeremonyBest Theme Song《乒乓圆》 (Table of Glory)Nominated


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