Jean Roux

Jean Roux (March 1876, Geneva 1 December 1939) was a Swiss herpetologist.

He studied at the University of Geneva, completing his doctoral thesis in 1899. His early research involved studies of protozoa, and following post-doctoral work in Berlin, he became a curator at the natural history museum in Basel. Here, he performed analysis of herpetological specimens collected by Fritz Müller, his predecessor at Basel.[1]

In 1907-08, with Hugo Merton, he performed scientific research in the Aru and Kei Islands, and in 1911-12, with Fritz Sarasin, he visited New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands.[1] As a result of the latter expedition, he published with Sarasin a major work titled, Nova Caledonia. Forschungen in Neu-Caledonien und auf den Loyalty-Inseln. Recherches scientifiques en Nouvelle-Calédonie et aux iles Loyalty. During his career, he was the author of 35 papers on herpetological subjects.[1]


In 1913 he described "Roux's emo skink" (Emoia loyaltiensis) and "Roux's giant gecko" (Rhacodactylus sarasinorum). His name is also commemorated with a skink species called Lipinia rouxi (Hediger, 1934)[2] and frog Phrynobatrachus rouxi.[3]


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