Jean Mamy

Jean Mamy (8 July 1912, Chambéry, Savoie – 29 March 1949, Arcueil) was a French actor, producer, film and theatre director, screenwriter, film editor, and journalist, notable for his collaboration with the Vichy regime (for which he was shot in 1949). He was also known by the pseudonym Paul Riche, and wrote for L'Appel. He belonged to the inter-war left and was film editor on Jean Renoir's 1931 On purge bébé, but on the fall of France he decided on collaboration. His last film was the anti-Masonic 1943 film Forces occultes, which he directed (he had from 1931 to 1939 been Venerable of the Renan lodge of the Grand Orient de France, but had since parted company with Freemasonry).

Selected filmography

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