Jean Bouchaud

Jean Bouchaud (1891 in Saint Herblain near Nantes 1977 in Nantes) was a French painter. He was fascinated by travel since his childhood seeing ships from Africa call at Nantes.[1] Apart from his travels in Africa and elsewhere, he also received a bursary of the French colonial government in Indochina and traveled in Cambodia, Laos et Vietnam during 1924-25, winning the Prix d'Indochine. He was elected a member of the Institut de France, académie des Beaux-Arts, in 1951, in the seat of George Desvallières, he was succeeded by Jean Carzou in 1979.[2]


  1. Lynne Thornton Les Africanistes: peintres voyageurs, 1860-1960 - Page 158 1990 "L'excellent peintre intimiste Jean Bouchaud était pourtant surtout célèbre pour ses tableaux d'outre-mer. Il avait rêvé, enfant, devant les grands navires aux voiles gonflées qui mouillaient dans le port de Nantes avec à leur bord des Africains, ..."
  2. Grigor Kʻēōsēean Carzou, painter of a magic world 1982 "..repeat for they are so true: "Jean Bouchaud, who was seated under this dome for twenty-five years and whose career spanned more than seventy -five years, still waits for his biographer... There is no monograph on him and, as extraordinary ..."
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