Javolution is a real-time library aiming to make Java or Java-Like/C++ applications faster and more time predictable. Indeed, time-predictability can easily be ruined by the use of the standard library (lazy initialization, array resizing, etc.) which is not acceptable for safety-critical systems. The open source Javolution library addresses these concerns[1] for the Java platform and native applications. It provides numerous high-performance classes and utilities useful to non real-time applications as well. Such as:

Developer(s)Jean-Marie Dautelle
Stable release
7.0.0 / July 2, 2017 (2017-07-02)
Written inJava C++
Operating systemCross-platform
Size480 KB (archived)
TypeReal-Time Library

Since version 6.0, Javolution makes it easy to port[14] any Java source code to C++ for Cross-platform native compilation. OSGi and JUnit have been ported and are included with the core C++ distribution.

All modules (Java and native) are built using maven. Javolution can be used[15] either as an OSGi bundle (preferred) or as a standalone library.


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