Javed Jabbar

Javed Jabbar (Urdu: جاوید جبار ) is a prominent Pakistani writer, advertising executive, politician, intellectual, scholar, artist, mass communications expert and former information minister.[1][2] Jabbar's roots can be traced back to Hyderabad, India.[3]

Javed Jabbar has a son named Kamal and a daughter Mehreen Jabbar who is a film producer and director.[4]

Jabbar credits Father D'Arcy D'Souza with talking his father into allowing him to enroll in the Faculty of Arts at St Patrick's High School, Karachi, rather than in the Commercial course in which he was first enrolled.[5]

Literary work

  • A Man in the Queue. Readers Associates. 1971.
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  • Beyond the last mountain: the original screenplay of Pakistan's first feature film, 1976 .... MNJ Publications. 2001. ISBN 978-9-69-407267-8.
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  • Pakistan: Unique Origins; Unique Destiny?. National Book Foundation. 2011. ISBN 978-9-69-370534-8.[4]

Notable films

Jabbar has been involved as a writer, director, and/or producer of the following films:

The award-winning film 'Ramchand Pakistani' (2008) was written and produced by Javed Jabbar, directed by his daughter Mehreen Jabbar.[4][8]


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