Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki Joint Family

Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki Joint Family is an Indian daily soap that aired on NDTV Imagine. It used to air every Monday to Thursday 10pm. Later it was shifted to the weekend slot. It was one of the most popular shows on Imagine TV.

Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki Joint Family
Written byStory and Screenplay
Aatish Kapadia
Reetlal Pandit
Rajesh Soni
Presented byHats Off Productions
StarringSee Below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes250
Producer(s)Jamnadas Majethia & Aatish Kapadia
Running time22 Minutes
Production company(s)Hats Off Productions Pvt Ltd
Original networkNDTV Imagine
Original release21 January 2008 
28 March 2009
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The show tells the story of Jasuben Jyantilal's joint family, their beliefs and morals, and the different circumstances they face. It depicts the values of the family under Jasuben and Jyantilal Joshi. The nature of this show is based on the fact that the whole family lives their live happily then some problems happened and they get out of it with each other's help so basically this show portrays importants of joint family in a very entertaining and light hearted manner this show is very similar to star plus show Baa Bahu Aur Baby.


Jayantilaal Joshi a.k.a. Bapa (played by Anang Desai) is the 65-year-old head of the Joshi family. He is a Pandit by profession and a master of the Hindu calendar. He has a happy and positive demeanor and is a strict Gandhian. He treats everyone with equality, love and respect. Jayantilaal's wife Jasuben and he share a relationship based on equality and love. Jayantilaal is very dependent on his wife from the smallest to the largest of issues and more often than not, it is she that resolves most arguments in the family. Jayantilaal's elder brother left home many years ago, and so he looks after his brother's family as well. He is a just and fair man, and gives due importance to everyone's opinion.
Jasumati Jayantilaal Joshi a.k.a. Jasuben (played by Swati Chitnis) is the 62-year-old wife of Jayantilaal. She is the one that binds the family together and is the real head of the family. She is an intelligent, caring, and strong woman and loves taking care of her husband in each and every aspect. Her entire life revolves around him and her family to keep them all going on the right path together.
Chandrakant Jayantilaal Joshi a.k.a. Chandu (played by Rohitash Gaud) is the 42-year-old eldest son of Jayntilaal who is a teacher of literature and history.Although he kind of acts teacher less,lecturer more. He is an insecure individual and is in constant conflict with his tenant Purushottam. He is married to Pushpa, but doesn't share a good relationship with her. Both of them merely exist in their marriage.
Pushpa Chandrakant Joshi (played by Bharti Patil) is the 40-year-old wife of Chandu. She is a Maharashtrian. She is often confused because of finding herself in the middle of many things. That also leads to her being very accident prone and clumsy. She loves and pampers her 21-year-old son Pinakin immensely not like a little kid but a baby that's why it's 'Pinu Baby'
Pinakin Chandrakant Joshi (played by Krishna Bharadwaj) is the 21-year-old son of Chandrakant and Pushpa. He is a young carefree college student, and everyone's favourite in the family. He is very good at his work and has a very helpful nature. Pinakin is head-over heels in love with Nandini(daughter of their tenant Purushottam) and wants to marry her. She is still alive and they get married.Pinakin shares a very strong bond with Dharmesh his uncle, both have a friendly relation than uncle and nephew relationship.
Shailesh Jayantilaal Joshi (played by Sanjeev Jogtiyani) is the 37-year-old, second son of Jayantilaal. He shares a good relationship with everyone in the family. He is an opportunist by nature and is always on the lookout for business prospects. He is married to Deepika.
Deepika Shailesh Joshi (played by Arya Rawal) is the 34-year-old wife of Shailesh Joshi who has come from Mumbai. She has a superiority complex because of where she is from and hates doing any work in the house. Deepika loves dressing well and insists on moving back to Mumbai, something Shailesh refuses to do as he doesn't want to leave his family and go anywhere.
Dharmesh Ramniklal Joshi (played by Anuj Gupta) is Pankor's son and Jayantilaal's 32-year-old nephew. He is a fitness freak and runs a gymnasium. He is very religious and is a staunch Hindu. He is an extremely emotional person and is very shy, particularly when it comes to women. He is also completely devoted and attached to Jasuben.When it comes to fighting Dharmesh is the guy, he usually gets carried away when it's time to fight because he loses his temper quick and easy and is quite hyper active. He loved Shonali and he has married her.
Jigna (played by Bijal) is Jayantilaal's 28-year-old daughter. She is extremely pampered, spoilt and immature. She got married at a very young age, had a fight with her husband and came back to stay with at her mother's house along with her children. She is a trouble maker and throws tantrums without any reason. However her husband is a well behaved man and comes to meet her every weekend.
Pankor Ramniklal Joshi (played by Meenal Patel) is Jayantilaal's 65-year-old sister-in-law. She is extremely insecure about her position in the family since her husband left the house many years ago, mysteriously. She is constantly trying to find her husband and releases regular advertisements in newspapers. His absence makes her very insecure, but just one hug from Jasuben, and she feels immediately comforted! She loves her children a lot especially Chirag but she is not a big fan of her daughters-in-law.I just had to say 'Jiska Pathi Nehi Oske Chalti Nehi'
Rajendra Jayantilaal Joshi a.k.a. Raju (played by Shyam Pathak) is Jasuben's 35-year-old slow witted and innocent son. He changes jobs frequently. His brothers have tried to find him a job several times, but since he doesn't stick to one place, they have given up hope. The only saving grace in his life is wife Gita and their genius and only son Kedar.
Gita Rajendra Joshi (played by Rudrakshi Gupta) is Rajendra's 32-year-old wife. She is extremely hardworking and takes care of the house, pretty much on her own. Rajendra's constant job changes do not leave them with much money hence she earns by way of giving tuition and stitching. Gita is constantly trying to support and improve her family condition.
Chirag Ramniklal Joshi (played by Hemen Chauhan) is Pankor's 25-year-old son and is not quite but very close to his mother. He has been brought up by mostly by Pushpa as her own son. Chirag is generally under a lot of pressure because his elder brother and sister is still unmarried. Chirag is unsure about what he really wants to do and hence keeps changing jobs. He is vulnerable and can easily be led on the wrong track to earn money.
Aarti (played by Upasana Shukla) is the 27-year-old daughter of Pankor's sister. Pankor, Jasuben and Jayantilaal bought her up like daughter. She is an intelligent and beautiful young girl who works as a mehendiwaali. Aarti is everybody's favourite in the family. She silently helps with the household chores and is completely devoted to Jasuben.
Parul Jayesh Joshi (played by Shruti Bapna) is Pankor's young daughter-in-law who is 22 years old.She is a very beautiful young woman. Her husband relocated to America almost immediately after marriage. She is naïve and can be easily fooled as a result of which everybody takes extra care of her.
Purushottam Thakkar (played by Paresh Ganatra) is the 42-year-old tenant of the Joshi family who runs a Jalebi-Gathia(snack) shop. Purushottam is a very short tempered person and has constant fights with Chandrakant his landlord. Purushottam is married to Sudha, and both of them have immense respect for Jasuben despite being at loggerheads with most of the other family members. He has a daughter; Nandini's who he loves dearly.
Sudha Purushottam Thakkar (played by Priti Joshi) is the 40-year-old wife of Purushottam. She is a naïve and simple woman who is overly concerned about her husband's health. She is completely unaware of what her daughter, Nandini, is up to although Nandini's entire love story with Pinakin happens practically right under her nose and she is literally a woman full with doubts no one can imagine which gets onto her husbands nerve, sometimes ending up in an argument with him.
Nandini Pinakin Joshi (played by Ketkie Jayshree) is the 17-year-old daughter of Purushotam and Sudha. She is a typical bubbly teenager who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. She is young and pretty and does whatever she wants to do and is also madly in love with Pinakin. But also might die because her liver has failed over 9% and everyone is upset and very concerned. But she is alive and has married with Pinakin.
Shonali Dharmesh Joshi (played by Jaya Binju) is the sister of Deepika Joshi and the sister-in-law of Shailesh. She a rich and snooty girl who is very selfish and takes everything for granted. Dharmesh ends up liking her but everyone else hates her because she is very rude. After a dance contest she finds out the love of Dharmesh for her but even knowing this she decides to marry Ronit another rich guy but the marriage happens between her and Dharmesh as Ronit realises he is standing in the way of someone else's love. Later Shonali weds Dharmesh and has a love-hate relationship with her mother-in-law Pankor.
Ronit (played by Hiten Tejwani) is the friend of Shonali and is her Husband to be he is a photographer by profession and loves Shonali. He understands Dharmesh's love for Shonali before she does, he steps back and lets Dharmesh marry Shonali and goes back to Australia.
Jhanvi Chandrakant Joshi (played by Kajal) is the daughter of Chandu and Pushpa who they sent to London for further studies, she is also the sister of Pinakin and Aashish. Not much has been said of her as she came only in the first episode.
Abhishek (played by Mihir Mishra) is a choreographer of Joshi family.
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