Jardins Dorval

Les Jardins Dorval (called Dorval Gardens in English) is a shopping centre situated in the suburb of Dorval, in Montreal, Quebec, located on Dorval Avenue near Autoroute 20. One of the oldest shopping centres in Quebec, it was built in 1954 by the Ivanhoe Corporation which remained its owner and manager until 2000. It is currently managed by CentreCorp Management Services Ltd.

Les Jardins Dorval
LocationDorval, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45.44449°N 73.74304°W / 45.44449; -73.74304
Address352 Dorval Ave
Opening dateApril 7, 1954
DeveloperIvanhoe Corporation
ManagementCentreCorp Management Services Ltd.
No. of stores and services≈ 60
No. of anchor tenants3
Total retail floor area360,000 sq ft (33,000 m2). (GLA) [1]
No. of floors1

Anchor stores of Jardins Dorval are Walmart, Hudson's Bay and Maxi. There is a food court and a Scores restaurant. In the parking lot, there is a standalone building housing the restaurants Sushi Shop and Thai Express.


Les Jardins Dorval was originally built as a large L-shaped strip mall which opened in 1954 under the name "Dorval Gardens" with 35 stores.[2] Anchor stores in 1954 were Morgan's department store and Steinberg's supermarket.[2] Steinberg's and most of the original 35 tenants opened on April 7.[2][3] A minority of tenants opened at slightly later dates including Morgan's which inaugurated on April 29.[4][2]

Morgan's added a second floor to its store in August 28, 1961.[5] The Morgan's store was destroyed by a major fire in April 1969 despite efforts by firemen from the cities of Dorval, Lachine, Lasalle, Pointe-Claire and Dollard-des-Ormeaux to save the store.[6] It was rebuilt afterwards and reopened in March 1970 after occupying a temporary location on Dorval Avenue during the reconstruction.[7][8] It was rebranded as The Bay on June 19, 1972.[9][10]

In the 1970s, Les Jardins Dorval was surrounded with glass (save for Steinberg and The Bay). In 1985, the mall was expanded into its current layout, doubling its number of stores: the original parts of the mall correspond to what is to the south or west of the enclosed walkway, including the spaces currently occupied by Maxi and Hudson's Bay; areas to the east or north of the walkway were added. These additions included a Pascal hardware store, which relocated from a nearby strip mall.

The Pascal store was closed and emptied in 1991, before reopening as Zellers in October 8, 1992.[11][12] Zellers closed its doors in January 22, 2012. Walmart assumed the lease and remodelled the store before opening it to the public in September 2012.[13] This location was not one of the 39 Zellers stores that Walmart Canada acquired from Target Canada at a similar time.[14]

In 1992, the Steinberg's grocery store became a Maxi.[15]

A Dollarama operated for a number of years before closing in late 2009. After a one-year absence, Dollarama returned to the mall in the space of Pharmaprix which itself has relocated to Dollarama's former space.

Sports Experts returned to the mall, opening November 1, 2012 and occupying the same space it did in the 2000s (formerly Cohoes in the 1990s and early 2000s).

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