Jarana huasteca

The jarana huasteca, jarana de son huasteco or jaranita is a string instrument. It is most often called simply jarana.

Jarana huasteca
Jarana huasteca
Other namesJarana de son huasteco, jaranita
Classification String instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification
(Composite chordophone)
Related instruments

It is a guitar-like chordophone with 5 strings. It is smaller than the guitarra huapanguera and usually forms part of the trío huasteco ensemble, along with the quinta huapanguera and violin, taking on the role of the rhythmical accompaniment to the ensemble. This type of guitar is tuned in thirds. It is higher in pitch than the guitarra huapanguera. It is in a similar range to the mandolin.[1] The notes are G, B, D, F# and A. It usually has a scale length of around 40 cm.


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