Japan Transport Engineering Company

Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) (株式会社総合車両製作所, Kabushiki-gaisha Sōgō Sharyō Seisakusho, lit. "Stock Company General Rolling Stock Plant") is a manufacturer of heavy rail cars in Japan, formerly known as Tokyu Car Corporation (東急車輛製造株式会社, Tōkyū Sharyō-seizō Kabushiki-gaisha). The company is based in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, and a member of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) group. J-TREC manufactures rail vehicles not only for JR East and Tokyu Corporation but for other Japanese operators, including various Japan Railways Group companies and international operators as well.

Japan Transport Engineering Company
Native name
KK Sōgō Sharyō Seisaku-sho
Kabushiki gaisha
Subsidiary of JR East
PredecessorTokyu Car Corporation
Number of employees
1,154 (2015)[1]
ParentEast Japan Railway Company

Tokyu Car Corporation, the predecessor of J-TREC, was founded on 23 August 1948. Tokyu Car was a licensee of early-generation (early-1960s) stainless-steel commuter EMU train body and related bogie technology from the Budd Company of the United States. Since then, Tokyu Car has specialised in stainless-steel body car technology.

On 27 October 2011, Tokyu Car Corporation announced that its rolling stock manufacturing division would be acquired by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), and the company cease operations with effect from 1 April 2012. It is to be subsequently split into two companies, Tokyu Car Engineering and Keihin Steel Works. Both companies will be subsidiaries of JR East. The remaining parts and machinery manufacturing division will be sold to ShinMaywa Industries.[2][3]

Name after selling divisions

On 2 April 2012, divisions (were inherited by subsidiaries) were sold and renamed.

  • JR East acquired:
    • New Tokyu Car Corporation (新東急車輛, Shin Tōkyū Sharyō) (founded on 9 November 2011, inherited rolling stock manufacturing division on 1 April 2012) - Name changed to Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) (総合車両製作所, Sōgō Sharyō Seisakusho)
      • Tokyu Car Engineering Corporation (東急車輛エンジニアリング, Tōkyū Sharyō Enjiniaringu) - Name changed to J-TREC Design & Service Company (J-TREC D & S) (J-TRECデザインサービス)
      • Keihin Steel Works Corporation (京浜鋼板工業, Keihin Kōban Kōgyō)
  • ShinMaywa acquired:
    • Tokyu Car SPV Corporation (東急車輛特装, Tōkyū Sharyō Tokusō) - Name changed to Toho Car Corporation (東邦車輛, Tōhō Sharyō)
      • Tokyu Car Service Corporation (東急車輛サービス, Tōkyū Sharyō Sābisu) - Name changed to Toho Car Service Corporation (東邦車輛サービス, Tōhō Sharyō Sābisu)
    • New Tokyu Parking Corporation (新東急パーキング, Shin Tōkyū Pākingu) (founded on 9 November 2011, inherited parking machinery manufacturing division on 1 April 2012) - Name changed to Tokyo Engineering Systems Corporation (東京エンジニアリングシステムズ, Tōkyō Enjiniaringu Shisutemuzu)
      • Tokyu Parking Systems Corporation (東急パーキングシステムズ, Tōkyū Pākingu Shisutemuzu) - Name changed to Tokyo Parking Systems Corporation (東京パーキングシステムズ, Tōkyō Pākingu Shisutemuzu)


Besides railway rolling stock, Tokyu Car also manufactured special duty motor vehicles (such as dump trucks, trailers and vans), which was sold to ShinMaywa.

Some Tokyu Car projects:


Further reading

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