Japan Ice Hockey Federation

The Japan Ice Hockey Federation (Japanese: 日本アイスホッケー連盟) is the governing body of ice hockey in Japan.[1][2][3] Japan was the first Asian nation to join the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

Association nameJapan Ice Hockey Federation
IIHF membershipJanuary 26, 1930
PresidentKenichi Chizuka
IIHF men's ranking23rd
IIHF women's ranking9th

National teams

Notable executives

2018 Japan qualification

EventDivisionHost nationDateResult
Men Div. IB  Lithuania 22–28 April 2018
Men U20 Div. IIA  Great Britain 10–16 December 2017
Men U18 Div. IB  Ukraine 14–20 April 2018
Women U18 Div. IA  Italy 8–14 January 2018
Olympic Winter Games
EventHost nationDateResult
Women  South Korea 9–25 February 2018 6th

Note: The 2018 IIHF Women's World Championship in the top division is not played during the Olympic seasons. The 2019 IIHF Women's World Championship will be played in Finland, city and dates to be announced.

2017 Japan participation

EventDivisionHost nationDateResult
Men Div. IB  Great Britain 23–29 April 2017 Silver medal
(24th overall)
Men U20 Div. IIA  Estonia 11–17 December 2016 Silver medal
(24th overall)
Men U18 Div. IB  Slovenia 15–21 April 2017 Bronze medal
(19th overall)
Women Div. IA  Austria 15–21 April 2017 Gold medal
(9th overall)
Women U18 Top  Czech Republic 7–14 January 2017 Relegated to Div. IA 2018
(8th overall)


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