Janet Barnett

Janet Heine Barnett is a professor of mathematics at Colorado State University–Pueblo, interested in set theory, mathematical logic, the history of mathematics, women in mathematics, and mathematics education.[1]

Education and career

Barnett is originally from Pueblo, Colorado.[2] She did her undergraduate studies at Colorado State University, entering as an engineering student but switching to a double major in mathematics and humanities.[3] She graduated in 1981,[4] served in the Peace Corps teaching mathematics in Bambari in the Central African Republic from 1982 to 1984,[5] and in doing so discovered her love for teaching mathematics.[3]

She completed her doctorate in 1990, at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her dissertation, Random Reals, Cohen Reals and Variants of Martin's Axioms, concerned set theory; it was supervised by Richard Laver.[6] In the same year she joined the CSU Pueblo faculty.[4]


In 2015, Barnett won the Burton W. Jones Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of the Mathematical Association of America.[2] In 2017, she won the Deborah and Franklin Haimo Awards for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics, for excellence in teaching reaching beyond her own campus.[4][7] The award recognized in particular her work in integrating the history of mathematics, and its original source documents, into the teaching of mathematics, and her mentorship of mathematics schoolteachers.[4]


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