Jane and the Lost City

Jane and the Lost City was a 1987 UK film, based on the British newspaper strip Jane by Norman Pett. An adventure comedy set during World War II, the film was directed by Terry Marcel, and stars Kirsten Hughes in the title role, Sam Jones, Maud Adams, Jasper Carrott and Robin Bailey.

Jane and the Lost City
Directed byTerry Marcel
Produced byHarry Robertson
Written byMervyn Haisman
StarringSam Jones
Maud Adams
Kirsten Hughes
Jasper Carrott
Robin Bailey
Music byHarry Robertson
CinematographyPaul Beeson
Distributed byBlue Dolphin Film Distribution (UK)
New World Pictures (US)
Release date
18 September 1987 (1987-09-18) (USA)
Running time
94 min
CountryUnited Kingdom


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sends Jane (Hughes) and the Colonel (Bailey) on a mission to prevent the diamonds of the fabled Lost City from falling into enemy hands. Journeying to Africa where they are joined by Jungle Jack Buck (Jones), their quest is dogged by Nazi agents Lola Pagola and Heinrich (Adams and Carrott).

Jane and the Lost City emulates the mild eroticism of its source material, having the heroine lose items of her clothing several times during the narrative. Despite this, the film was released as PG (Parental Guidance) in the USA.[1][2]


  • Sam J. Jones – Jungle Jack
  • Maud Adams – Lola Pagola
  • Jasper Carrott – Heinrich / Herman / Hans
  • Kirsten Hughes – Jane
  • Graham Stark – Tombs
  • Robin Bailey – The Colonel
  • Ian Roberts – Carl
  • Elsa O'Toole – The Leopard Queen
  • John Rapley – Dr. Schell
  • Charles Comyn – Paddy
  • Ian Steadman – Capt. Fawcett
  • Graham Armitage – Gen. Smythe-Paget
  • Richard Huggett – Winston Churchill
  • Andrew Buckland – Grenville
  • Albert Raphael – Rashleigh
  • James White – Scott
  • Victor Gallucci – Muller
  • Patrick Hugnin – German Pilot
  • John Alton – Freddy
  • Magnum – Fritz the dog
  • Dharmarajen Sabapathee - Indian chief

Production notes

Location filming took place in Mauritius.[3]


The film was released on DVD in 2001 by Anchor Bay.[3]


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