Jamie Blanks

Jamie Blanks is an Australian film director and composer. He is probably most famous for directing the 1998 cult slasher film Urban Legend.


He attended film school at Melbourne's Swinburne Film School (becoming the Victorian College of the Arts during his three years of study).[1]

Blanks gave commentaries on the Urban Legend and Valentine (2001) DVDs. His third feature Storm Warning won awards for Special Effects and Score at Screamfest 2007. Blanks shot, edited and composed the score for his fourth feature, Long Weekend (released on video in the United States as Nature's Grave), starring Jim Caviezel and Claudia Karvan, which was released in 2008.

Selected filmography

Silent Number

Silent Number was Jamie Blanks' first film. The film revolves around a babysitter as she spends the night at a creepy house during an electrical storm. During the night, she receives a number of telephone calls from an unidentified caller. The voice sounds scared and pleads the babysitter for help. We eventually discover the calls are not coming from any normal source.

Silent Number is not available for at-home viewing; however, it can be viewed on-site at the VCA library in Melbourne, Australia. It may also be available for viewing at some other libraries.




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