James Mason (American actor)

James Pier Mason (February 3, 1889 – November 7, 1959) was an American actor.[1] He appeared in 173 films between 1914 and 1952, often as a villain or henchman in Westerns, and was sometimes credited as James Mason or Jim Mason.[2] A memorable performance was in 1920's The Penalty as the drug-addicted criminal who shoots Lon Chaney's character Blizzard in the final moments of the film.

James Pier Mason
Camera magazine, 1922
Born(1889-02-03)February 3, 1889
Paris, France
DiedNovember 7, 1959(1959-11-07) (aged 70)
Years active1914–1952


He was born in Paris, France on February 3, 1889 to James Kent Mason and Katie Evelyn Pier. His parents were from Manhattan, New York City and returned to the United States after his birth.

Mason died in Hollywood, California, from a heart attack on November 7, 1959.[2]

Selected filmography

Film Year
The Good Bad-Man 1916
On the Level 1917
Nan of Music Mountain 1917
Headin' South 1918
The Border Wireless 1918
The Squaw Man 1918
Pettigrew's Girl 1919
Flame of the Desert 1919
The Penalty 1920
Something to Think About 1920
Godless Men 1920
Two Weeks with Pay 1921
The Fast Mail 1922
Why Worry? 1923
Heritage of the Desert 1924
The Plunderer 1924
Black Lightning 1924
The Flaming Forties 1924
Under the Rouge 1925
Ladies of Leisure 1926
Let It Rain 1927
Back to God's Country 1927
Dead Man's Curve 1928
Across to Singapore 1928
A Race for Life 1928
Chicago After Midnight 1928
The Long Long Trail 1929
Fly My Kite 1931
A Lad an' a Lamp 1932
The Dude Ranger 1934


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