James Flood

James Joseph Flood (1895-1953) was an American film director.

Born in New York City, Flood became an assistant director with Biograph in 1912[1] and was active through 1952.


When working on The Swellhead, Flood decided he wanted to change a scene. He told his plan to actor James Gleason who was also an accomplished playwright and he re-wrote the scene. Actress Marion Shilling then had to quickly learn and execute the new dialogue. "I was a fast study, memorized the scene in a few minutes and we did the scene in one take. Mr. Flood put his arms around me and said, 'You g.d. little trouper.'"[2]

Personal life

Fellow director William Beaudine was his longtime friend and brother-in-law; actor and producer Bobby Anderson was his nephew (Bobby's mother was James's wife's sister).


Flood died of complications after surgery in Hollywood on February 4, 1953. He was 57 years old.[1]

Selected filmography


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