James E. West (politician)

James Elton "Jim" West (March 28, 1951 – July 22, 2006) was an American politician. In 2005, while Mayor of Spokane, Washington, he was the target of allegations of the sexual abuse of boys twenty years earlier. These allegations became public after West became a target of a sting operation conducted by his hometown newspaper, the Spokesman Review. Some journalists and academics criticized the paper for what they saw as a form of entrapment.[1] West admitted engaging in homosexual behavior with adults, despite an earlier record of supporting "anti-gay" legislation. Though never charged, he was removed from office by recall in 2005. The Federal Bureau of Investigation eventually closed its investigation and took no action for lack of evidence.

James Elton West
41st Mayor of Spokane, Washington
In office
Preceded byJohn Powers
Succeeded byDennis P. Hession
Member of the Washington Senate from the 6th district
In office
Preceded bySam C. Guess
Succeeded byBrian Murray (appointed)
Member of the Washington House of Representatives
In office
Preceded byMichael R. McGinnis
Succeeded byDuane R. Sommers
Personal details
Born(1951-03-28)March 28, 1951
Salem, Oregon
DiedJuly 22, 2006(2006-07-22) (aged 55)
Seattle, Washington
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Ginger Marshall (1990–1995)
ProfessionPolitician – Small Business Owner
Military service
Branch/serviceUnited States Army
Years of service1969-1974
Battles/warsVietnam War

Early years

West was born in Oregon and raised in Spokane, Washington. He served in the U.S. Army after high school and graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1978.

Legislative career

In 1982, West was elected to the Washington State House of Representatives as a Republican representing the 6th legislative district. He was elected to the Washington State Senate in 1986 serving until his resignation to become Mayor of Spokane, Washington, in 2003. In the Senate West held the positions of Chairman of the Committee on Health, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and Majority Leader.

During his years in the legislature, West developed a record as an opponent of homosexual rights. He supported several "anti-gay" bills, including one that would have banned gays and lesbians from working in schools and day care centers. He unsuccessfully proposed a law banning all sexual activity among unmarried persons under the age of 18. In 1995, when West was a state senator, he advocated the impeachment of Gov. Mike Lowry for alleged sexual harassment.

He served as Mayor of Spokane from 2003 to 2005.


In June, 2003, under editor Steven A. Smith, the Spokesman Review, Spokane's only daily newspaper, began a series of investigative reports into a series of sexual abuse incidents that had occurred in Spokane during the 1970s and 1980s, but went unreported at the time. Reporter Bill Morlin worked on the story for more than a year but failed to find a link between West and the crimes committed by his friend David D. Hahn twenty years earlier.[2]

The newspaper nevertheless targeted West in a sting operation. In 2004, reporter Morlin received a tip about West from a source that has never been publicly identified. The source claimed that the real identity of the persona on the gay.com website named "Cobra82" was in fact Mayor West. The Spokesman Review then hired a professional investigator to create a false online persona on Gay.com named "Motobrock." This tactic was then used by the newspaper to arrange a meeting between the two. When Jim West turned up for the meeting on a Spokane golf course the newspaper editor was also present and correctly concluded that Cobra82 was the mayor.[2]

In 2005, sex-abuse charges against West surfaced in the Spokesman Review. Robert J. Galliher claimed that West had committed sexual abuse against him while a member of West's Boy Scout troop. These charges about events two decades old could not be confirmed by other witnesses and Galliher's long criminal record tended to discredit him as well. West called the molestation allegations "flat lies," but admitted to having private online relationships in the past year through the Gay.com website.[3][4] It was alleged that he offered unpaid internships to young gay men, none under the age of 18, though some were just graduating from high school.[5] West denied charges that he had sought out minors.

Calls for his resignation spread. West defended himself on the Today Show on May 30, 2005. He explained his support for laws unfavorable to gays in this way: "If someone hires you to paint their house red, then you paint it red. Even if you think it would look better green." In a Spokane City Council meeting immediately afterward, a resolution requesting that he step down passed unanimously (7–0), yet West announced he intended to continue on as Mayor.

On June 2, the Spokane County Republican Party, Washington State Republican Party, and Spokane County Democratic Chairwoman Katie Kirking called for West's resignation.[6] The FBI conducted its own investigation and a special city commission was set up to investigate and determine if any laws or policies had been broken[7] In early August, 2005, the FBI searched West's home and seized his personal computers as part of its public corruption investigation.

Organizers of a recall gathered a sufficient number of signatures, and a special mail-in election was held on December 6, 2005, to determine whether West would remain in office. West was recalled by the voters with 65% in favor of ousting him to 35% in favor of keeping him as mayor. His term ended on December 16, 2005, the day the final votes were certified by the Spokane County Auditor's office. West's ouster marked the first time in the history of Spokane that a sitting mayor was recalled out of office.

On February 16, 2006 the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued its report closing its investigation of West. In the FBI report, Attorney Mark Bartlett said, "We did not find facts that would justify initiating federal criminal charges."

Personal life

Jim West proposed to Ginger Marshall from the Floor of the Washington State Senate. They were married for five years.

Ginger Marshall said this about Jim West: "He cared about Spokane. He cared about the people. He cared about the infrastructure, that Spokane be and continue to be a vibrant city. He always wanted more for Spokane. He served Spokane from the time he graduated from college. He started his career as a deputy sheriff and was a City Council member. Was a member of the House of Representatives and then the State Senate. He had ambitions to do good things for Spokane, and it grew into ambitions for doing good work for the state as a whole."[8]

Later years

In the final days of his life, West was mulling over another opportunity to run for office. He also told KREM 2 in his last TV interview that during his tenure in the state legislature he only regretted one vote, for a bill that would have banned gays from working in schools and day-care centers.[9]

West was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2003. By the early fall of 2005 West's isolation from the Spokane community was nearly complete. He had only a few friends and family to turn to for support during his illness. He joined the conservative Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Spokane led by Pastor Lonnie Mitchell. He received support there and attended services regularly until his death from complications from cancer on July 22, 2006.[1]

Election results

List of votes from all of West's elections.

Year Office/Issue Candidate Party City Outside Total
2005 Recall Election For 40014
2005 Recall Election Against 21518
2003 Mayor of Spokane Jim West 26577
2003 Mayor of Spokane Tom Grant 23688
2002 State Senate 6 Jim West Republican 14364 9657 24021
2002 State Senate 6 Laurie Dolan Democrat 14838 7878 22716
1998 State Senate 6 Jim West Republican 15921 5680 21601
1998 State Senate 6 Judy Personett Democrat 15691 4260 19951
1994 State Senate 6 Jim West (Incumbent) Republican 23871 7858 31729
1994 State Senate 6 Andy Kelly Democrat 11245 2769 14014
1990 State Senate 6 Jim West (Incumbent) Republican 10117 5363 15480
1990 State Senate 6 Jan Polek Democrat 8920 4293 13213
1986 State Senate 6 Jim West (Incumbent) Republican 9584 4780 14364
1986 State Senate 6 Tony Anderson Democrat 9379 4426 13805
1984 Rep 6-1 Jim West (Incumbent) Republican 14232 7286 21518
1984 Rep 6-1 Joseph Lynch Democrat 10050 5147 15197
1982 Rep 6-1 Jim West (Incumbent) Republican 10285 4355 14640
1982 Rep 6-1 Mary Springer Democrat 8686 4856 13542
1979 Council 3 Jim West 20823
1979 Council 3 Marilyn M Stanton 15917
1978 Sheriff Larry V Erickson Democrat 31894 23116 55010
1978 Sheriff Jim West Republican 16381 13729 30110
1978 Sheriff Alfred J Teeples Independent 5027 4896 9923


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Political offices
Preceded by
John Powers
Mayor of Spokane, Washington
Succeeded by
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