Jamai Raja (TV series)

Jamai Raja (International title: King of Hearts) is an Indian television drama series, aired on Zee TV, that premiered on 4 August 2014,[4][5] and ended on 3 March 2017 after a successful 3-year run. It was produced by actor Akshay Kumar and co-produced by Ashvini Yardi and Meenakshi Sagar. Jamai 2.0 is a romantic thriller web series which is the digital sequel of Jamai Raja which streams on ZEE5. It stars Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma and Achint Kaur in lead roles. It premiered on 10 September 2019.[6]

Jamai Raja
Also known asKing of Hearts
GenreSoap opera
Created byGrazing Goat Pictures Pvt. Ltd
Written byAbhishek Kumar
Pranjal Saxena
Directed bySangieta Rao
Jackson Sethi
Rohit Diwedi
Jafar Shaikh
Creative director(s)Niraj Kumar Mishra
StarringRavi Dubey
Nia Sharma
Achint Kaur
Indraneil Sengupta
Shiny Doshi
Mouli Ganguly
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes701
Executive producer(s)Aashish Rego
Producer(s)Akshay Kumar[1]
Ashvini Yardi[2]
Meenakshi Sagar
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Grazing Goat Pictures Pvt. Ltd [3]
Original networkZee TV
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release4 August 2014 (2014-08-04) 
3 March 2017 (2017-03-03)
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The plot concerns the differences between a mother, Durga Devi Patel "DD" (Achint Kaur), and a daughter, Roshni Patel (Nia Sharma), and how Roshni's love interest, Siddharth "Sid" Khurana (Ravi Dubey), comes into their lives and changes things. DD does not accept Sid because she thinks he is a 'poor' man, but he is actually from a much more rich family, and is pretending to be poor to clear Roshni's misconception that rich people are heartless and spoilt. Roshni and Sid get married and the married couple live a middle class life in DD's house by Sid working for DD and paying rent. Roshni learns that Sid lied about his class and leaves him.

6 months later

Roshni is living in Bangkok. Her friend, Yash Mehra (Mohit Malhotra), is in love with her and DD approves. However, Roshni is unable to choose between Sid and Yash. In India, Sid makes Roshni realize that she still loves him but Roshni then learns that Sid is using her (which is false) and demands a divorce. Then Sid becomes angry. He takes Roshni to the Family Court. The judge decides to give them both 3 months period to save their marriage. As days pass, Sid and Roshni grow closer. Meanwhile, Sam is being forced to marry her boss, Baweja, who took the help of Rajveer (Vishal Karwal) to succeed. Roshni goes as a maid to Baweja's house and finds Sam unconscious in a cupboard. Baweja is caught and sent to jail, where he dies. Rajveer kidnaps Roshni. DD reaches and when Rajveer threatens to kill Roshni, DD kills him to save her daughter. Sid's sister, Kritika (Isha Sharma), files a case against DD and withdraws it, leading Sid and everyone else to think that she forgave DD, but when actually she will take her revenge without Sid's suspicion. Roshni and Sid reunite and after the end of 3 months, they decide to not get divorced. Sid's mother, Simran (Shruti Ulfat), blackmails Sid saying that if he divorces Roshni, she will return DD's property and business. Sid is now compelled to divorce Roshni to give her back her old life. He divorces her, and Roshni is shattered. Yash falls for Sam and proposes to her, which she accepts. Roshni's biological father (i.e DD's husband), Shiv Patel, comes back to the house and has lost his memory. He soon regains his memory but acts like he doesn't have his past memories to get DD's love and affection.

Sid and Roshni, along with Mona Bua and Shiv, team up to get DD to confess her true feelings to Shiv. She accepts that he is her husband when Sid informs a reporter about Shiv's identity. Meanwhile, Yash finds out about an accident that claimed the life of his sister and brother-in-Law. Simran and Kritika plots to separate Roshni and Sid. Kritika tracks down Sid's childhood friend, Misha, and convinces Simran to meet her and ask her to marry Sid. The next day, Sid's father Raj (Sanjay Swaraj), Roshni, Sid and Misha all go to lunch where Sid and Roshni tell their side of the story to Misha.

After Misha listens to their stories, she doubts sid's mother and sister. She acts like a good friend and exposes Sid's mother and sister . Further, Sid again proposes to roshini and she accepts it. DD and shiv Patel's problems are solved and they again get married . on the day of marriage roshini comes to know about her divorce truth . Misha's love interest with Neil(fake) . Sid , roshini , Misha and Neil go for date . They return to home when some goons attack them . Sid fights with the goons and gets shot . They kidnap Misha and molest her.Misha fakes being mentally unstable in order to trick Sid into marrying her,in the process roshni's dad is killed,Misha frames kritika but sid was able to prove her innocence and kritika finally realized her mistake and apologize to Sid. Misha is obsessed in Sid's love that was exposed and police took her. Roshni tells DD that she is pregnant

2 years later

Roshni and Sid have been separated after the death of DD as Roshni thinks DD died because of Sid. She is going to marry Neil Sengupta (Indraneil Sengupta) which breaks Sid's heart. On the other hand, Neil's family members do not like Roshni and try to stop their marriage. Roshni and Sid now being in Neil's life. Payal is out against Neil's family and creates a lot of drama in their lives. She is also the reason for Roshni and Sid's death.

21 years later

Things have changed after the death of Roshni and Sid. Karanveer "Karan" Khurana (Ravi Dubey), Sid and Roshni's son, has grown up. Neil and Ria are dead to. Their child, Mahi Sengupta (Shiny Doshi), is taken care by Payal (Ria's sister). It is about Mahi and Karan.Their relationship is like Roshni and Sid



  • Jamai Raja is Dubbed in English in South Africa as King of Hearts and Is aired On Zee World(Zee Africa). Also dubbed in other languages in the sub-Saharan African Countries and aired on their national Zee World network taking over after East meets West (Saath Pare / Saath Saath).
  • In Mauritius, as from August 2015, Jamai Raja is aired on mbc digital 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30 p.m
  • In Indonesia, the series is dubbed in Indonesian and aired from 24 July 2017, everyday at 10 a.m. WIB on ANTV.
  • In South Korea, JTBC Zee TV and DramaCUBE aired this drama is upcoming in 2018 (with Korean subtitles)
  • It aired on Zee One with the same title in Germany.


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2014 Zee Rishtey Awards Favourite Saas Jamai Rishta Ravi Dubey & Achint Kaur Won
Favourite Saas Bahu Rishta Nia Sharma & Shruti Ulfat
Favourite Saas Achint Kaur
Favourite Nayi Jodi Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma
Favourite Naya Sadasya - Male Ravi Dubey Nominated
Favourite Naya Sadasya - Female Nia Sharma
Favourite Popular Face (Male) Ravi Dubey
Favourite Jodi Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma
Favourite Popular Face - Female Nia Sharma
Favourite Beti Nia Sharma
Favourite Parivaar Ashvini Yardi
Favourite Beta Ravi Dubey
Favourite Saas-Sasur Shruti Ulfat & Sanjay Swaraj
Favourite Mata-Pita Rishta
Favourite Dosti Ravi Dubey & Sandit Tiwari
Favourite Dharavahik - Fiction Grazing Goat Pictures
Indian Television Academy Awards GR8! ON-Screen Couple Of The Year Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma
2015 Zee Rishtey Awards Favourite Zee Personality of the Year Achint Kaur Won
Favourite Kutumbh Ashvini Yardi
Favourite Bhai Ravi Dubey
Favourite Sautan Shagun Ajmani
Favourite Stylish Personality of the Year Achint Kaur
Favourite Beti Nia Sharma Nominated
Favourite Beta Ravi Dubey
Favourite Pati-Patni Rishta Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma
Favourite Buzurg Apara Mehta
Television Style Awards Most Stylish Beti Nia Sharma Won
Indian Telly Awards Best Onscreen Couple Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma Nominated
Best Actor in Leading Role Ravi Dubey
Best Actress in Supporting Role Achint Kaur
Zee Gold Awards Best Actor - Female Nia Sharma
Best Actor - Male Ravi Dubey
Most Popular Jodi on Television Ravi Dubey & Nia Sharma
Best Supporting Actor - Male Sanjay Swaraj
Best Supporting Actor - Female Apara Mehta
Zee recognition for Best Performance in leading role- Female Achint Kaur Won

Remake & Spin-off

In June 2017 the series was remade in Bengali as Jamai Raja, and was aired on Zee Bangla, and a Spin-off titled Jamai 2.0 debuted on ZEE5 with cast members Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma, and Achint Kaur reprising their roles.


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