Jake Burns and the Big Wheel

Jake Burns and the Big Wheel were a band put together by former Stiff Little Fingers vocalist Jake Burns in 1983. The band consisted of Burns, Steve Grantley on drums, Sean Martin on bass guitar, and Pete Saunders on keyboards. They split up in 1987 when Burns rejoined Stiff Little Fingers.



  • "She Grew Up" b/w "Race You to the Grave" (1984)
  • "On Fortune Street" b/w "Here Comes That Song Again" (1985)
  • "Breathless" b/w "Valentine's Day" (1987)


  1. "She Grew Up"
  2. "Race You to the Grave"
  3. "On Fortune Street"
  4. "Here Comes That Song Again"
  5. "Breathless"
  6. "Valentine's Day"
  7. "Company of Strangers"
  8. "Innocent Man"
  9. "Waltz On"
  10. "Race You to the Grave"
  11. "Belfast 14"
  12. "She Grew Up"
  13. "Trapped Inside"
  14. "Breathless"
  15. "Native Son"
  16. "Real Girls"
  17. Jake Burns & Steve Grantley Interview by Alan Parker
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