Jacques Pills

Jacques Pills (7 January 1906, Tulle, France — 12 September 1970) was a French singer and actor, born René Jacques Ducos. His impresario was Bruno Coquatrix. In 1959, Pills was the Monegasque entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 1959 with the song "Mon ami Pierrot". The song ended last, in eleventh place and got only one point.

During the 1930s he appeared frequently alongside Georges Tabet.

Personal life

He married Lucienne Boyer in 1939 and they were divorced in 1951. On 20 September 1952, he married singer Édith Piaf. However, in 1957, this marriage also ended in divorce[1]. He was the father of Jacqueline Boyer, who won the 1960 Eurovision contest the year after her father's participation.

Selected filmography


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