Jacob Bicker

Jacob Bicker (1588–1647) was a Dutch nobleman and merchant. Between 1643 and 1647 he was lord of Engelenburg and a director of the Oostzeevaart, handling Dutch trade with the Baltic Sea.[1]


Born in Amsterdam, he was a son of Gerrit Bicker and his wife Aleyd Andriesdr Boelens. He married Christina de Graeff (1609–1679), daughter of Jacob Dircksz de Graeff and of Aaltje Boelens Loen.

He was a leading member of the Bicker family, a major trading family involved in the pelt trade with Muscovy and supplying ships and silver to Spain. Jacob also belonged to the Bickerse ligue, which opposed Stadholder Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange. Among his other posts, he held that of Schepen of Amsterdam. In 1643 he inherited the castle and estate at Engelenburg near Herwijnen from his cousin Pieter Dircksz Graeff the castle and lordship of Engelenburg near Herwijnen. In 1647 he died in Amsterdam, shortly before the death of his brother Andries Bicker.

Besides lands in 's-Graveland and Gooilust, he also owned country houses in Baarn, Soest, Bilthoven and Hollandsche Rading buitenhuizen: 'De Eult', 'Pijnenburg' and Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche.




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