Jackson's Bay Cave

Jackson's Bay Cave is a very large cave system on the Portland Ridge in Clarendon near the south coast of Jamaica. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.[2] It was discovered in 1964. Over 10 kilometres of caves have since been mapped. [2]

Jackson's Bay Cave
LocationClarendon Parish, Jamaica
Coordinates17°44′24″N 77°12′54″W[1]
Length10 kilometres (6.2 mi)[2]


Pottery shards, rock carvings and rock paintings suggest that the caves were used by the Arawak Indians or Taínos.[2]


A specimen of the extinct Jamaican monkey (Xenothrix mcgregori) was found by an American Museum of Natural History expedition c. 19931996.[2] Fossil remains of the Jamaican flightless ibis (Xenicibis xympithecus) and the Jamaican caracara (Caracara tellustris) have also been found there.

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