Jack Oatey Medal

The Jack Oatey Medal is awarded to the best player during the SANFL Grand Final. It has been awarded since 1981. [1] In 2018, Mitch Grigg of Norwood became the first player to win the Jack Oatey Medal on a losing team, after his team were defeated by North Adelaide in the 2018 SANFL Grand Final.[2]

Year Jack Oatey Medallist Club
1981 Russell Ebert Port Adelaide
1982 Danny Jenkins Norwood
1983 Ian Borchard West Adelaide
1984 Keith Thomas Norwood
1985 Stephen Kernahan Glenelg
1986 Tony Hall Glenelg
1987 Michael Parsons North Adelaide
1988 Bruce Abernethy Port Adelaide
1989 Russell Johnston Port Adelaide
1990 George Fiacchi Port Adelaide
1991 Darel Hart North Adelaide
1992 Nathan Buckley Port Adelaide
1993 Steven Sziller Woodville-West Torrens
1994 Darryl Wakelin Port Adelaide
1995 Anthony Darcy Port Adelaide
1996 David Brown Port Adelaide
1997 John Cuningham Norwood
1998 Brett Chalmers Port Adelaide Magpies
1999 Darryl Poole Port Adelaide Magpies
2000 James Gowans Central District
2001 Rick Macgowan Central District
2002 Matthew Powell Sturt
2003 Chris Gowans Central District
2004 Nathan Steinberner Central District
2005 Luke McCabe Central District
2006 Hayden Skipworth Woodville-West Torrens
2007 Chris Gowans Central District
2008 Jason MacKenzie Central District
2009 Trent Goodrem Central District
2010 Ian Callinan Central District
2011 Craig Parry Woodville-West Torrens
2012 Dean Terlich Norwood
2013 Brett Zorzi Norwood
2014 Matthew Panos Norwood
2015 Chris Schmidt West Adelaide
2016 Jack Stephens Sturt
2017 Fraser Evans Sturt
2018 Mitch Grigg Norwood
2019 Matthew Snook Glenelg


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