Jack MacKenzie

Jack MacKenzie (13 September 1892 – 19 December 1979) was a British-born cinematographer who worked for most of his career in the United States. During the silent era Jack MacKenzie was employed in Hollywood. In 1930 MacKenzie was sent to London by RKO to work on two films for the company's British partner Associated Talking Pictures. MacKenzie then returned to America. While he occasionally worked on prestige films such as Mary of Scotland (1936)[1] he was employed mainly on numerous low-budget productions and from 1951 in the developing television industry.

Jack MacKenzie
Born13 September 1892 (1892-09-13)
Died19 December 1979 (1979-12-20) (aged 87)
Other namesIan George MacKenzie
Years active1916–1963

Partial filmography


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