Jack Kehoe

Jack Kehoe (born November 21, 1938) is an American film actor appearing in a wide variety of films, including the crime dramas Serpico (1973), The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984) and Brian De Palma's The Untouchables (1987), as well as the cult favorites Car Wash (1976) and Midnight Run (1988), the popular western Young Guns II (1990), and On the Nickel (1980).

Jack Kehoe
Born (1938-11-21) November 21, 1938

Kehoe has also appeared in several Academy Award-winning films, including Jonathan Demme's Melvin and Howard (1980) and Best Picture winner The Sting (1973), in which Kehoe (as grifter Joe Erie, aka The Erie Kid) and co-stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman team up to con a mob boss.

His various TV credits include roles in The Twilight Zone, Murder, She Wrote and Miami Vice.

After appearing alongside Michael Douglas in David Fincher's The Game (1997), Kehoe quietly retired and has not been publicly seen or heard from since. One of few interviews he gave during his career was conducted for a 1974 issue of New York Magazine, in which Kehoe discussed (among several topics) his outlook on Hollywood.[1]



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