Jack Holborn

Jack Holborn was a 1982 ZDF Adventure TV mini-series. The story is based on the book by Leon Garfield. It was shown in the United Kingdom by ITV.

Jack Holborn
Written byLeon Garfield (novel)
Justus Pfaue
Sigi Rothemund
Directed bySigi Rothemund
StarringPatrick Bach
Matthias Habich
Monte Markham
Terence Cooper
David Weatherley
Opening themeSigi Schwab
Composer(s)Christian Bruhn
Country of originWest Germany
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes6
Executive producer(s)Rowan Chapman
Keith Gosling
Producer(s)Bernd Burgemeister (West Germany)
Jack George (New Zealand)
Production location(s)Cook Islands
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Trogir, Croatia
CinematographyRolf Deppe
Michael Heiter
Editor(s)Heidrun Berktold
Michael Johns
Running time290 minutes (UK DVD)
Original networkZDF
Picture formatFilm
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseDecember 21, 1982 (Switzerland)
December 25, 1982 (Austria)
December 25, 1982 (West Germany)


Jack Holborn is a 13-year-old boy living in an orphanage in late 18th-century Bristol. Jack was found on the steps of the Holborn Catholic church in London when he was a toddler. He was wearing a leather armband with the name "Jack" on it. The nuns therefore called him Jack Holborn.

Jack wants to go to sea, but is put in a foster home instead. He runs away in order to join the crew of the "Charming Molly," a privateering vessel commanded by Captain Sheringham. At the sight of Jack's armband, the Captain unwittingly reveals that it looks familiar, but he won't tell Jack what he knows and refuses to keep him aboard.

Jack is desperately seeking answers to the mystery of his origins, and is not about to let the Captain off the hook. Meanwhile, the judge Lord Sheringham, who hates his twin brother the privateer for the dishonour that his side dealings with pirates have brought on their family, plans to bring the Captain to justice. Jack eventually manages to stow himself away on board the "Charming Molly," and the journey begins. A journey that will feature piracy, traveling through swamps and slavery.


Jack Holborn Patrick BachAll
Captain Sheringham
Lord Sheringham
Matthias HabichAll
Trumpet Monte Markham3-6
Morris Terence Cooper1-4
Vronsky Andreas Mannkopff1-5
Admiral Patrick Smyth1-2, 6
Lady Myra Tricia James1-2, 6
Pobjoy Jeremy Stevens1-3
Harbourmaster David Weatherley1-2
Bosun Frano Lasic1
Fury Stevo Petrovic1
Mr. Arrows Dragan Lakovic1
Mrs. Arrows Ljiljana Krstic1
Clarke Heinz Wanitschek2-3
Sam Miki Krstovic2-3
Taploe Franz Blauensteiner2
Fox Stole Arandjelovic2
Carfax Jovan Janicijevic2
Thompson Prince Tui Teka5
Downs Bozidar Pavecevil5
Yoka Teresa Waiariki5
Captain Cox Brian FleggUncredited
Palmer Zoran PokupecUncredited
Fared Dusan JanicijevicUncredited
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