Jack Dyer Medal

The Jack Dyer Medal is an Australian rules football award given each season to the player or players adjudged best and fairest for the Richmond Football Club.

The award is now named in honour of Jack Dyer, a champion ruckman who won the award five times from 1937 to 1946. He was one of the inaugural "Legends" inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 1996.

Other multiple winners have been Kevin Bartlett (five times); Wayne Campbell and dual Brownlow Medallist Roy Wright (four times each); Ron Branton, Neville Crowe, Geoff Raines, Brownlow Medallist Bill Morris, and Trent Cotchin (three times each). Basil McCormack, Jack Titus, Leo Merrett, Des Rowe, Dave Cuzens, Royce Hart, Maurice Rioli, Dale Weightman, Matthew Knights, Tony Free, Joel Bowden, Brett Deledio, Dustin Martin, and most recently Jack Riewoldt have all won the award twice.

Bill Morris, Roy Wright, Ian Stewart, Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin all won the best and fairest in the same years that they won their Brownlow Medals at Richmond, while Stan Judkins, Brownlow Medallist in 1930, never won the club's award.

The voting system as of the 2017 AFL season, consists of each player receiving a ranking from zero to five after each match by the coaching panel.[1]

In November 2019 it was announced that research into the history of the award has discovered that many of the awards before 1937 were not actually presented at the time, but were incorrectly retrospectively added in 1988 and 1991 without evidence.[2] Controversially, this resulted in Jack Dyer's tally of six medals being reduced to five, and several other players having their tallies removed completely[3]


^ Denotes current player
+ Player won Brownlow Medal in same season
Season Recipient(s) Ref.
1908 to 1926N/A
1927Basil McCormack[4]
1928Basil McCormack (2)[4]
1929Jack Titus
1930 to 1934N/A
1935Ray Martin[4]
1937Jack Dyer (1)[4]
1938Jack Dyer (2)[4]
1939Jack Dyer (3)[4]
1940Jack Dyer (4)[4]
1941Jack Titus (2)
1942Leo Merrett
1943Ron Durham[4]
1944Leo Merrett (2)
1945Bill Morris
1946Jack Dyer (5)[4]
1947Bill Wilson
1948Bill Morris+ (2)
1949Geoff Spring
1950Bill Morris (3)[4]
1951Des Rowe[4]
Roy Wright
1952Roy Wright+ (2)[4]
1953Havel Rowe
1954Roy Wright+ (3)
1955Des Rowe (2)
1956Laurie Sharp
1957Roy Wright (4)
1958Dave Cuzens[4]
1959Dave Cuzens (2)[4]
1960Ron Branton[4]
1961Ron Branton (2)[4]
1962Ron Branton (3)[4]
1963Neville Crowe[4]
1964Neville Crowe (2)[4]
1965Bill Barrot
1966Neville Crowe (3)[4]
1967Kevin Bartlett[4]
1968Kevin Bartlett (2)[4]
1969Royce Hart[5]
1970Francis Bourke
1971Ian Stewart+[5]
1972Royce Hart (2)[5]
1973Kevin Bartlett (3)[4]
1974Kevin Bartlett (4)[4]
1975Kevin Morris
1976Kevin Sheedy
1977Kevin Bartlett (5)
1978Geoff Raines
1979Barry Rowlings[4]
1980Geoff Raines (2)[4]
1981Geoff Raines (3)[4]
1982Maurice Rioli[4]
1983Maurice Rioli (2)[4]
1984Mark Lee
1985Trevor Poole
1986Dale Weightman[4]
1987Dale Weightman (2)[4]
1988Michael Pickering
1989Tony Free
1990Matthew Knights
1991Craig Lambert
1992Matthew Knights (2)
1993Tony Free (2)
1994Chris Bond[5]
1995Wayne Campbell
1996Paul Broderick[4]
1997Wayne Campbell (2)
1998Nick Daffy
1999Wayne Campbell (3)
2000Andrew Kellaway[4]
2001Darren Gaspar[4]
2002Wayne Campbell (4)[6]
2003Mark Coughlan[7]
2004Joel Bowden[8]
2005Joel Bowden (2)[8]
2006Kane Johnson[9]
2007Matthew Richardson[5]
2008Brett Deledio[10]
2009Brett Deledio (2)[11]
2010Jack Riewoldt^[12]
2011Trent Cotchin^[13]
2012Trent Cotchin+^ (2)[14]
2013Daniel Jackson[15]
2014Trent Cotchin^ (3)[16]
2015Alex Rance^[17]
2016Dustin Martin^[18]
2017Dustin Martin+^ (2)[19]
2018Jack Riewoldt^ (2)[20]
2019Dion Prestia^[21]

Multiple winners

^ Denotes current player
Player Medals Seasons
Jack Dyer51937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1946
Kevin Bartlett51967, 1968, 1973, 1974, 1977
Wayne Campbell41995, 1997, 1999, 2002
Roy Wright41951, 1952, 1954, 1957
Ron Branton31960, 1961, 1962
Trent Cotchin^32011, 2012, 2014
Neville Crowe31963, 1964, 1966
Bill Morris31945, 1948, 1950
Geoff Raines31978, 1980, 1981
Joel Bowden22004, 2005
Dave Cuzens21958, 1959
Brett Deledio22008, 2009
Dustin Martin^22016, 2017
Tony Free21989, 1993
Royce Hart21969, 1972
Matthew Knights21990, 1992
Basil McCormack21927, 1928
Leo Merrett21942, 1944
Jack Riewoldt ^22010, 2018
Maurice Rioli21982, 1983
Des Rowe21951, 1955
Jack Titus21929, 1941
Dale Weightman21986, 1987

Removed winners

Following a 19 year investigation undertaken by members of the Historical Committee, no evidence was found to have any winner in the following seasons. It is thought that the awards were to each of the following players retrospectively added in 1988 and 1991 in error.

Season Recipient
1911William Mahoney
1913Charlie Ricketts
1914Sid Reeves
1916Artie Bettles
1917Vic Thorp
1918Barney Herbert
1919Barney Herbert
1920Dan Minogue
1921Hugh James
1922Mel Morris
1923Hugh James
1924Vic Thorp
1925Thomas O'Halloran
1926Alan Geddes
1932Jack Dyer
1933Maurie Hunter
1934Ray Martin
1936Martin Bolger


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