Jabab Kinte Chai

Jabab Kinte Chai (alternative spelling– Jobab KInte Chai) is a Bengali television quiz show. This show is aired on Sananda TV[1] and hosted by Mir Afsar Ali.[2] The planner and the mastermind of this show is quiz master Siddharth Basu.[3]

Jabab Kinte Chai
Jabab Kinte Chai promo
GenreQuiz show
Developed bySiddharth Basu
Presented byMir Afsar Ali
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Bengali
Original networkSananda TV
Original release28 May 2012 (2012-05-28)


Inspired by the British game show Sell Me the Answer it is basically a quiz show with a mix of bargaining. If a contestant does not know answer of a question, (s)he can buy the answer of the question from traders who are there to play for the contestant as well as against the contestant. The role of a trader is to help a contestant to win the maximum cash, but on the other hand, the trader also targets his own money. So, he could also completely mislead a player by giving the wrong answer.[3] In an interview, Mir, the anchor of the quiz show told– "On moral grounds, it's a little sticky because the one who you think is helping you could actually completely trick you and make you give the wrong answer."[3]

The maximum prize amount a participant can win is 2.5 million (US$36,000).[3]

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