JR Shikoku 6000 series

The 6000 series (6000系) is a suburban electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku) in Shikoku, Japan, since 1996.[1]

6000 series
6000 series on a Sunport rapid service, September 2011
In serviceApril 1996–
ManufacturerNippon Sharyo
Replaced111 series
Number built6 vehicles (2 sets)
Number in service6 vehicles (2 sets)
Formation3 cars per trainset
Operator(s)JR Shikoku
Line(s) servedDosan Line, Yosan Line
Car body constructionStainless steel
Car length19,670 mm (64 ft 6 in) (end cars)
19,500 mm (64 ft 0 in) (intermediate cars)
Width2,966 mm (9 ft 8.8 in)
Floor height1,150 mm (3 ft 9 in)
DoorsSliding, 3 pairs per side
Maximum speed110 km/h (70 mph)
Traction systemVariable frequency (GTO)
Electric system(s)1,500 V DC overhead
Current collection methodOverhead catenary
BogiesS-DT62 (motored)
S-TR62 (trailer)
Braking system(s)Regenerative brake, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes
Safety system(s)ATS-SS
Coupling systemShibata-type
Multiple working7000 series
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)


The cars have stainless steel bodies and cab ends based on the 211 series/213 series design.[1] The doors immediately behind the driving cabs are single-leaf instead of the pairs of doors used at other locations.[1]


The sets are based at Takamatsu Depot, and operate on the Yosan Line and Dosan Line.[2] Sets can run in multiple with single-car 7000 series EMU trailer cars to form 4-car sets.[1]


The two 3-car sets are formed as shown below with the motored "Mc" cars at the Takamatsu end.[2][3]

Designation McTTc'
Numbering 600062006100
Weight (t) 37.828.228.0
Capacity (total/seated) 131/56136/52131/56

The "Mc" cars are each fitted with two lozenge-type pantographs.[2]


The motored 6000 cars are mounted on bolsterless S-DT62 bogies, and the non-powered 6100 and 6200 trailer cars are mounted on S-TR62 bogies.[3]


Seating accommodation consists of transverse seating with backs that can be flipped over to face the direction of travel.[3]


The two trains were delivered from Nippon Sharyo in March 1996, and entered revenue service on 26 April 1996.[2]


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