JNR Class DE10

The Class DE10 (DE10形) is a class of Japanese C-B wheel arrangement diesel-hydraulic locomotives. 708 locomotives were built between 1966 and 1978.[1] As of 1 April 2016, 138 locomotives remained in operation.[2]

Class DE10
JR East DE10 1765 in September 2015
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-hydraulic
BuilderKisha, Nippon Sharyo
Build date1966 - 1978
Total produced708
Gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Wheel diameter860 mm
Length14,150 mm
Width2,950 mm
Height3,965 mm
Loco weight65 tons
Performance figures
Maximum speed95 km/h (60 mph)
Power output1,250 hp, 1,350 hp (DE10-1000 onward)
OperatorsJNR, JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu, JR Freight
Number in class138 (as of 1 April 2016)
DispositionStill operational


DE10-0 subclass

158 DE10-0 locomotives were built with steam heating boilers for passenger use.

None of this subclass remains in use on JR, but several examples operate on private railways. DE10 1 is preserved at JR Shikoku's Tadotsu depot.

DE10-500 subclass

74 DE10-500 locomotives were built from 1968 with concrete ballast in place of the steam heating boilers for freight use. None of this subclass remains in use on JR, but several examples operate on private railways.

DE10-900 subclass

One prototype locomotive, DE10 901, was built in 1967 as a heavy shunting locomotive with ballasting increasing the weight to 70 tonnes. This formed the basis for the Class DE11 design.

DE10-1000 subclass

210 DE10-1000 locomotives were built from 1969 with steam heating boilers and uprated DML61ZB engines offering 1,350 hp.

DE10-1500 subclass

265 DE10-1500 locomotives were built from 1969 with uprated DML61ZB engines and concrete ballast in place of the steam heating boilers for freight use.

DE10-3000/3500 subclass

JR Freight shunting locomotives rebuilt in 2009 from former JR East Class DE15 snow-plough locomotives. The conversion histories and former identities of this sub-class are as follows.[3]

Loco No.Former No.Date builtManufacturerDate convertedDate withdrawn
DE10 3001DE15 10016 December 1971Nippon Sharyo5 June 2009
DE10 3501DE15 1510October 1973Nippon Sharyo8 May 2009
DE10 3502DE15 151616 December 1975Nippon Sharyo7 April 200925 November 2009
DE10 3503DE15 2567[Note 1]14 January 1976Nippon Sharyo29 May 2009FY2011
DE10 3504DE15 15222 March 1976Nippon Sharyo24 April 2009FY2011
DE10 3505DE15 15239 March 1976Nippon Sharyo6 April 2009
DE10 3506DE15 15294 October 1976Kawasaki Heavy Industries15 May 2009
DE10 3507DE15 15307 October 1976Kawasaki Heavy Industries24 June 2009
DE10 3508DE15 15369 September 1977Kawasaki Heavy Industries7 April 2009
DE10 3509DE15 250521 October 1977Nippon Sharyo18 May 2009
DE10 3510DE15 250628 October 1977Nippon Sharyo19 May 2009
DE10 3511DE15 153910 November 1978Kawasaki Heavy Industries23 April 2009
DE10 3512DE15 251315 November 1978Kawasaki Heavy Industries12 May 2009
DE10 3513DE15 252420 November 1980Kawasaki Heavy Industries27 April 2009
  1. Originally built as DE15 1517.

Preserved examples

  • DE10 1: Previously stored at JR Shikoku Tadotsu depot, and scheduled to be preserved at the Shikoku Railway Heritage Museum from July 2014[4]


The DE10 classification for this locomotive type is explained below.

  • D: Diesel locomotive
  • E: Five driving axles
  • 10: Locomotive with maximum speed of 85 km/h or less


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