JNR Class DD14

The Class DD14 (DD14形) was a B'B' wheel arrangement diesel-hydraulic locomotive type operated in Japan as a self-propelled rotary snowplough unit from 1961 to 2015 by the national railway company Japanese National Railways (JNR), and later by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). West Japan Railway Company (JR West), and Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido).

Class DD14
JR East DD14 327 and 332 in action in February 2012
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-hydraulic
BuilderKisha Seizō, Kawasaki
Build date1961-1979
Total produced43
Gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Train heatingNone
Safety systemsATS-SN
Performance figures
Maximum speed70 km/h (45 mph)
Last run24 February 2015


Based on the earlier Class DD13 6th-batch locomotives, the Class DD14 was a single-end-cab design with a rotary snowplough unit at the cab end.[1] It was the first diesel-powered rotary snowplough built by JNR. The locomotives had two 500 hp (370 kW) diesel engines. One engine could be used for propulsion with the other driving the rotary snowplough unit, giving a snow-clearing capacity of approximately 3,000 tonnes per hour, or the unit could be operated in multiple with a second locomotive allowing both engines to drive the rotary snowplough, giving a snow-clearing capacity of approximately 4,000 tonnes per hour.[1]



By 2005, only nine locomotives remained in service, all operated by JR East.[2] The last remaining locomotives in service, DD14 327 and 332, based at JR East's Nagaoka Depot, made their final run on 24 February 2014.[3]

Fleet list

Locomotive numberManufacturerYear builtWorks no.Date withdrawn[4]
DD14 1Kisha Seizō19612861?
DD14 2Kisha Seizō1961290730 December 1985
DD14 3Kisha Seizō1961290810 September 1996
DD14 4Kisha Seizō19653152?
DD14 5Kisha Seizō19653153?
DD14 6Kisha Seizō196531541 December 1994
DD14 7Kisha Seizō196531551 June 1995
DD14 8Kisha Seizō196531715 November 1998
DD14 301Kisha Seizō196632221 August 1994
DD14 302Kisha Seizō1966322314 February 1990
DD14 303Kisha Seizō1966322424 March 1993
DD14 304Kisha Seizō1966322524 March 1993
DD14 305Kisha Seizō196632262 April 2009
DD14 306Kisha Seizō1966322725 July 1998
DD14 307Kisha Seizō1968326014 February 1990
DD14 308Kisha Seizō1969326118 June 2009
DD14 309Kisha Seizō1969341016 June 2000
DD14 310Kisha Seizō19693437?
DD14 311Kisha Seizō1970348631 March 2000
DD14 312Kisha Seizō1971352830 December 1989
DD14 313Kisha Seizō1971354117 March 1990
DD14 314Kisha Seizō197135427 April 2003
DD14 315Kisha Seizō1971354325 December 1998
DD14 316Kawasaki??29 March 1996
DD14 317Kawasaki??30 May 2008
DD14 318Kawasaki??17 March 1990
DD14 319Kawasaki??17 December 1992
DD14 320Kawasaki??24 March 1993
DD14 321Kawasaki??24 March 1993
DD14 322Kawasaki??28 January 1994
DD14 323Kawasaki??27 September 1993
DD14 324Kawasaki??13 July 1994
DD14 325Kawasaki??23 April 2004
DD14 326Kawasaki??14 June 2002
DD14 327Kawasaki??2015
DD14 328Kawasaki??28 September 2009
DD14 329Kawasaki??29 March 1996
DD14 330Kawasaki??1 November 1994
DD14 331Kawasaki??3 July 2003
DD14 332Kawasaki??2015
DD14 333Kawasaki??21 June 2008
DD14 334Kawasaki??21 May 2010
DD14 335Kawasaki??31 March 2000

Preserved examples

As of 2012, three Class DD14 locomotives are preserved in Japan, with one locomotive sold to Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) in Taiwan.[5]

  • Class DD15 snowplough propulsion unit
  • Class DD16 snowplough propulsion unit
  • Class DD18 snowplough propulsion unit
  • Class DD19 snowplough propulsion unit
  • Class DD53 snowplough propulsion unit
  • Class DE15 snowplough propulsion unit


The DD14 classification for this locomotive type is explained below.

  • D: Diesel locomotive
  • D: Four driving axles
  • 14: Locomotive with maximum speed of 85 km/h or less


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