JGR Class 150

The JGR Class 150 was a steam railway locomotive operated in Japan from 1872. The sole member of the class was imported from Vulcan Foundry in the UK in 1871.[1]

Class 150
Locomotive No. 1
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderVulcan Foundry, UK
Build date1871
Total produced1
  Whyte2-4-0 Tank locomotive
Gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Fuel typeCoal


The locomotive was one of ten different locomotive types imported from the UK in 1871, and entered service on the first Japanese railway line, which opened between Shimbashi in Tokyo and Yokohama (present-day Sakuragicho Station) on 14 October 1872.[2] Initially numbered "No. 1", it was classified "Class 150" in 1909.[2]

In 1911, the locomotive was donated to the Shimabara Railway in Nagasaki, where it once again received the number "1".[2]

Because of its historical value as the first steam locomotive to operate in Japan, it was returned to the Railway Ministry in 1930.[2] In 1997, it became the first railway vehicle in Japan to be designated as an Important Cultural Property.[2]


The locomotive is preserved at the Railway Museum in Saitama.[2]

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