J. R. Salamanca

Jack Richard Salamanca (born December 20, 1922 in St. Petersburg, Florida - October 30, 2013 in Potomac, Maryland)[1] was an American writer and professor emeritus at the University of Maryland.[2] His first novel, The Lost Country (1958), was made into Wild in the Country, a 1961 film starring Elvis Presley; his second, Lilith, was filmed as Lilith in 1964, starring Warren Beatty.[3]


Salamanca was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, grew up in Florida and Virginia, and served for three years in the Army Air Corps. He was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the Royal Academy of Music and the University of London and served as a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Maryland for many years.

Though highly thought of, his books have fallen into obscurity and are largely out of print and hard to obtain, though some are available as digital downloads online. In later life, he supported the Authors' Guild in their proposal to bring a lawsuit against libraries over the matter of copyright, an action that some saw as unwise.


  • The Lost Country (1958)
  • Lilith (1961)
  • A Sea Change (1969)
  • Embarkation (1973)
  • Southern Light (1986)
  • That Summer's Trance (2000)


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