J'arrive (English: I'm coming) is Jacques Brel's tenth studio album. Originally released in 1968 by Barclay (80373), the album was reissued on 23 September 2003 under the title Grand Jacques as part of the 16-CD box set Boîte à Bonbons by Barclay (980 816-3).[1][2]

Studio album by
Recorded7–23 September 1968
Length41 minutes
Jacques Brel chronology
Jacques Brel 67
L'Homme de la Mancha

Track listing

Track Title Loose translation Composer Recorded
1"J'arrive"I'm ComingJacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest1968-09-14
2"Vesoul"VesoulJacques Brel1968-09-23
3"L'Ostendaise"The Ostend GirlJacques Brel, François Rauber1968-09-23
4"Je suis un soir d'été"I Am a Summer EveningJacques Brel1968-09-15
5"Regarde bien petit"Watch Well, KidJacques Brel1968-09-14
6"Comment tuer l'amant de sa femme quand on a été élevé comme moi dans la tradition"How to Kill One's Wife's Lover When One Was Raised Like Me in TraditionJacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest1968-09-12
7"L'Éclusier"The Lock KeeperJacques Brel1968-09-07
8"Un enfant"A ChildJacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest1968-09-14
9"La Bière"BeerJacques Brel1968-09-14
10"La Chanson de Van Horst"The Song of Van HorstJacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest1972
11"L'Enfance"ChildhoodJacques Brel, François Rauber1973-05-24[2]
  • Tracks 1–9 constituted the original 1968 album.
  • Tracks 10–11 were added to the album when it was reissued as part of the 16-CD box set Boîte à Bonbons.



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