Jōgashima (城ヶ島, Jōgashima) is a Japanese island of the municipality of Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, off the southernmost and western tip of Miura Peninsula, facing Sagami Bay.

It is home to the Jōgashima Lighthouse, the fourth oldest western style lighthouse to be built in Japan.

Jōgashima is connected to the mainland by a box-girder bridge since 1959, the longest in Asia as of 1963.[1]


  1. "Recently Jogashima and Miura have been linked by the longest box-girder bridge in the Orient. The total length of the bridge is 575 meters; the central span is 90 meters long, the adjoining spans 70.3 meters and the remaining spans 40 meters" Japan's construction, 1963, Kaigai Kensetsu Kyōkai (Japan)

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