Italian United Provinces

United Italian Provinces or Italian United Provinces (Italian: Provincie Unite Italiane,[2] in modern Italian: Province Unite Italiane) was a short-lived state (a republic) that was established in 1831 in some territories of the Papal State (Romagna, Marche and Umbria) and in the Duchies of Parma and Modena.

Italian United Provinces

Province Unite Italiane
Common languagesItalian
GovernmentParliamentary republic[2]
LegislatureProvisional Assembly
5 February 1831
26 April[3] 1831
CurrencyRoman scudo
Parman lira
Modenese Thaler
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Papal States
Duchy of Parma
Duchy of Modena
Papal States
Duchy of Parma
Duchy of Modena
  1. ...

It existed since February 5 (following the popular uprising in Bologna, when the temporal power of the Pope and the Emilian Dukes were declared to be revoked) until April 26, the day the city of Ancona was taken by the Austrian troops.


The Constitution of the Italian United Provinces was adopted on March 4 by a national Assembly.[2] The executive power was vested in:[2]

  • Giovanni Vicini, President
  • Leopoldo Armaroli, Minister of Justice
  • Terenzio Mamiani della Rovere, Minister of the Interior
  • Lodovico Sturiani, Minister of Finance
  • Cesare Bianchetti, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • General Pier Damiano Armandi, Minister of War and Navy
  • Pio Sarti, Minister of Police
  • Francesco Orioli, Minister of Public Education


The revolutionary government of the Italian United Provinces fell on April 26, 1831. It was brought down by Austrian troops sent to the aid of the Pope and the Emilian Dukes.[3]


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