It's Great to Be Alive (film)

It's Great to Be Alive (1933) is an American Pre-Code science fiction musical comedy film produced by Fox Film Corporation, is a remake of The Last Man on Earth (1924), and later influenced the novel Mr. Adam (1946) by Pat Frank.

It's Great to Be Alive
Directed byAlfred L. Werker
Written byArthur Kober
Paul Perez
StarringRaul Roulien
Gloria Stuart
Edna May Oliver
Herbert Mundin
Joan Marsh
CinematographyRobert Planck
Edited byBarney Wolf
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
July 8, 1933
Running time
69 minutes
CountryUnited States


A young aviator, Carlos Martin (played by Raul Roulien), is dumped by his girlfriend (Gloria Stuart), and heads on a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean. He has engine trouble and makes an emergency landing on an uninhabited island out in the Pacific. Shortly afterward, a global epidemic of a new disease called masculitis kills every fertile male human on the planet. When efforts to cure the disease fail, the human race is doomed. Humanity's institutions are all run by women, including the Chicago underworld. Carlos escapes the island, and once he returns home and hears the news, it now depends on him to continue the human race.

One scene in this film depicts look-a-likes of the two top scientists of the era, Albert Einstein and Auguste Piccard, trying to find a cure for masculitis. Another scene portrays a burlesque show dubbed "Girls of all Nations". Other cast members include Edna May Oliver, Joan Marsh, Edward Van Sloan, and Peaches Jackson.



The film was shot during April, 1933, with location scenes photographed at the Grand Central Airport in Glendale, California.[1]


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