Issa Laye Thiaw

Issa Laye Thiaw (born 1943 at Sangué, Thies region of Senegal, died 10 September 2017, Senegal[1]) is a Senegalese historian, theologian, and author on Serer religion, Serer tradition and history.[1] Born into a Serer family, himself the son of a Serer High Priest (Saltigue), Thiaw is a specialist in the Serer religion. He was a former researcher at the Centre d’études des civilisations (CEC) de Dakar (Centre for Studies in Civilizations of Dakar).[2][3]

Issa Laye Thiaw
Issa Laye Thiaw

Sangué, (Thies region), in Senegal
Died10 September 2017[1]
OccupationHistorian, theologian, author, essayist
Known forSerer religion
Notable work
"La femme Seereer", "La religiosité Seereer, avant et pendant leur Islamisation."

Some of Thiaw's works include:

  • Issa Laye Thiaw. La femme Seereer, Sénégal, 2005, Sociétés africaines et diaspora. Edition L'harmattan, ISBN 2-7475-8907-2
  • Issa Laye Thiaw. "La religiosité Seereer, avant et pendant leur Islamisation." Dans: Ethiopiques, No. 55 (1992)[4]

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