Island School

Island School is a co-educational international school located on Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong. It is the founding school of the English Schools Foundation, and is still a member. The school has been accredited by international organisations such as the Council of International Schools[1] and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.[2]

Island School (港島中學)
Campus A(ISSTW): Pok Hong Estate, Sha Tin Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong
Campus B(ISTW): Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong
TypePrivate, secondary, co-educational
PrincipalStephen Loggie
Facultyapprox. 100, including English (Head: Beth Hall), Maths (Head: Matthew Fowler), Science (Head: Joanne Burgon), Individuals & Societies (Head: Stephen Budd) etc.
Enrollmentapprox. 1,200
Colour(s)Red, white and blue
YearsYear 7–13
AlumniOld Islanders
Island School
Traditional Chinese港島中學
Simplified Chinese港岛中学

The school was originally located in the Hong Kong Mid-Levels district (the site of a former British military hospital) until the school moved to two campuses in Sha Tin District (known as Campus A (ISSTW): Pok Hong Estate, Sha Tin Wai) and Tai Wai (Campus B (ISTW): Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai) in December 2017, due to renovations to the former campus. It currently houses around 1,200 students across 33 nationalities.[3][4] Island School is a registered IB World School and offers the IB diploma program along with an alternative BTEC program in the senior years.

House System

Island school includes 6 houses which are named after 6 famous people, which include Fleming(red), Da Vinci(orange), Wilberforce(yellow), Rutherford(green), Nansen(blue) and Einstein, which is purple. Students in the same house are also in the same form, they compete for their house in various activities and competitions.


Island School is now home to children from a large number of countries.[5] Christopher Binge, previously secondary principal at the La Châtaigneraie campus of the International School of Geneva. Binge studied mathematics at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, was head until June 2009. Binge left to become the head of Markham College[6], and Stephen Loggie is now the current principal of Island School.


The former campus consisted of seven blocks ranging from five to seven floors high, with blocks 1 to 6 arranged in a rectangular fashion. Students could travel to adjacent blocks by linked walkways or footbridges. As the campus was situated on mountainous terrain, blocks located close to the mountain were placed at a higher altitude than their counterparts, and as such the floors between different blocks were often not correlated. The former campus was then demolished and all learning was diverted to the two replacement campuses.[3][4]

The two replacement campuses, Sha Tin Wai and Tai Wai, house two different sets of levels. Sha Tin Wai houses grades 7, 8, 12 and 13, while Tai Wai houses grades 9, 10 and 11.[7]

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