Isimud (also Isinu; Usmû;[1] Usumu (Akkadian)) is a minor god, the messenger of the god Enki, in Sumerian mythology.[2]

In ancient Sumerian artwork, Isimud is easily identifiable because he is always depicted with two faces facing in opposite directions in a way that is similar to the ancient Roman god Janus.[3]


Isimud appears in the legend of Inanna and Enki, in which he is the one who greets Inanna upon her arrival to the E-Abzu temple in Eridu. He also is the one who informs Enki that the mes have been stolen.[4] In the myth, Isimud also serves as a messenger, telling Inanna to return the mes to Enki or face the consequences.[5] Isimud plays a similar role to Ninshubur, Inanna's sukkal. Isimud also appears in the myth of Enki and Ninhursag, in which he acts as Enki's messenger and emissary.[5]


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