Ishq Gumshuda

Ishq Gumshuda (Urdu: عشق گمشدہ) is a Urdu language Pakistani telenovela which was first broadcast in Pakistan in 2010 by Hum TV, premiering on 25 June 2010. Directed by Haissam Hussain and written by Noor-ul-Hada Shah, Ishq Gumshuda, which ended its run after telecasting 17 episodes, has been produced by Momina Duraid. It was also broadcast in India by Zindagi premiering on 5 September 2014. It ended its run in India on 21 September 2014 and was re-aired by Zindagi later, beginning on 18 October 2014 and ending on 6 November 2014.[1][2][3][4]

Ishq Gumshuda
poster of Ishq Gumshuda released by Hum TV
Created byMomina Duraid
Written byNoor-ul-Hada Shah
Directed byHaissam Hussain
Country of originPakistan
No. of episodes22
Executive producer(s)Momina Duraid
Running time45–50 minutes
Original networkHum TV
Original release25 June 2010 
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Ali (Humayun Saeed) and Alizeh (Sarwat Gilani) are very close friends and have a common friend named Neha (Aamina Sheikh). One day Ali's mother (Shamim Hilaly) suggests Ali that he should get married to Alizeh to which he happily agrees. Ali shares this with Neha but doesn't reveal it to her whom his mother has suggested him to marry. When Alizeh gets to know this she gets annoyed and angry. And thus, the next day Neha comes to her and informs her that it is she herself whom Ali is going to marry, hearing which Alizeh gets disturbed and starts avoiding Ali or the next few days. When confronted by Ali at office one day, she shouts on him and asks him that how marriage can come between their friendship.

Finding no ray of hope, Ali goes to Neha and asks her to marry him. And when Alizeh gets to know this she becomes ecstatic and actively participates in the preparations of the wedding. Finally Neha also confesses to Ali that she had always loved him and agrees to marry him. Ali unwillingly marries her and even on the wedding night he confronts Alizeh and asks her to marry him, but she refuses once again.

Neha and Ali are now living a happy married life together but Alizeh starts hiding herself and her feelings from others. She begins to stay out of home for long hours, comes back home late and even experiences depression. Every time Ali goes out to find her and bring her back home. This disturbs Neha who begins to feel that Ali has not been able to forget Alizeh. At the same time Alizeh befriends a man named Farooq Saad (Javed Sheikh), who is of the age of her father and is the husband of a woman named Parizaad (Samina Peerzada), who is suffering from a mental disorder. Alizeh's new friendship disturbs her parents (Hina Khawaja Bayat Asif Raza Mir) but she keeps on meeting Farooq Saad. Fed up by Alizeh's behaviour and sudden disappearances, Ali finally confesses it to her that her actions are causing problems in his life. This hurts Alizeh who, the next day, reaches Ali's home to beg pardon. But when she gets to know that he and Neha have gone for honeymoon she gets disheartened and comes back home.

Determined to show Ali that she can make other friends than him, a jealous Alizeh, who now hides that she repents not marrying Ali, decides to marry Farooq Saad. When Ali gets to know this he gets disturbed and further informs Neha, who visits Alizeh the same day. Neha says her that she is not happy with Ali and asks her to take Ali from him. She also warns her that she won't let her marry a man of that age and destroy her life. That same night, when Neha comes back home she is questioned about Alizeh by Ali. A tormented Neha asks him why he couldn't forget her and also asks him to stop bothering her and to focus on their life instead. Neha thus, asks Ali to make a choice between her and Alizeh.

The next day, Alizeh meets Farooq Saad and says that she wants to marry him, which enrages him. He finally confesses that he and Alizeh's mother (Hina Khawaja Bayat) had once loved each other and that he had promised her not to come back in her life again and this shocks Alizeh. He further informs her that he and Parizaad are leaving for their home in Iran soon. A disheartened Alizeh comes to Ali's home that night and confesses over a cup of coffee that she had always loved him but even after knowing it she had always neglected it. And saying that she is leaving for London, the next day, she leaves Ali's home. Neither does Alizeh stop nor does Ali stop her. He lets her go and thus, Ali chooses Neha, instead of Alizeh.



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