Isarco Ravaioli

Isacco Ravaioli, best known as Isarco Ravaioli (3 March 1933 – 15 February 2004), was an Italian film actor.

Isarco Ravaioli
Isacco Ravaioli

3 March 1933 (1933-03-03)
Ravenna, Italy
Died15 February 2004 (2004-02-16) (aged 70)
Rome, Italy

Life and career

Born in Ravenna, Ravaioli obtained a diploma of teaching in his hometown, and he started working as a primary school teacher.[1] Later, driven by his passion for cinema, he moved to Rome where he first attended the drama school held by Peter Scharoff, soon obtaining his first film roles, and then enrolled the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, graduating in 1957.[1] Ravaioli appeared in dozens of films until his retirement in the 1980s, mainly of adventure and peplum genre.[1]

Selected filmography


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