Irving Asher

Irving Asher (1903–1985) was an American film producer. Born in San Francisco in September 1903, he began his film production career in Hollywood in 1919. After joining the staff of Warner Brothers he was sent over to England as the managing director of their subsidiary Teddington Studios in Middlesex in the mid 1930s (where he is credited for discovering and seeing the potential of Errol Flynn when he was a young unknown actor who was hanging around Teddington Studios at the time looking for a way into the movies).[1] Flynn played his first significant part as the lead in the now-lost Murder at Monte Carlo (1935), which was produced by Asher. Asher went on to join Alexander Korda's London Film Productions where he worked on the epic The Four Feathers (1939). Subsequently he returned to Hollywood to work as a producer for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, where he earned his only Academy Award nomination for the 1941 Greer Garson film Blossoms in the Dust.

Later in his career, he was head of production for 20th Century Fox Television.

He married the actress Laura La Plante in 1934.

Asher died in California in March 1985.[2]

Partial filmography


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