Iranian Hazfi Cup

Hazfi Cup (Persian: جام حذفی, lit. 'The Elimination Cup') is the Iranian football knockout cup competition, run by the Iranian Football Federation.

Hazfi Cup
Founded1975 (1975)
Region Iran
Number of teams100
Current championsPersepolis (6th title)
Most successful club(s)Esteghlal (7 titles)
Television broadcasters
2019–20 Hazfi Cup

The Iranian football league was not being held during the 1980s, hence the winner of Hazfi Cup represented Iran in the Asian Club Championship. After the revive of the league system, the champion of Iranian league qualified for Asian Club Championship and the winner of Hazfi Cup ran for Asian Cup Winners' Cup. However, the Asian Cup Winners' Cup merged with the Asian Champions Cup in 2002-03 to form the AFC Champions League and Iran had been initially given two (and later four) slots in this competitions. The IRIFF decided to award one of Iran's AFC Champions League spots to the winner of the Hazfi Cup, and since then, the winners of Hazfi Cup have always been allocated a spot in the AFC Champions League.

The competition was founded in 1975. Esteghlal is the most successful club with seven titles.


The rules for the final were exactly the same as the one for the previous knockout rounds. The tie was contested over two legs with away goals deciding the winner if the two teams were level on goals after the second leg. If the teams could still not be separated at that stage, then extra time would have been played with a penalty shootout (taking place if the teams were still level after that).

Winners & Runners-up

# Club Winners Runners-up Years won Years runner-up
1Esteghlal741977, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2008, 2012, 20181991, 1999, 2004, 2016
2Persepolis621988, 1992, 1999, 2010, 2011, 20192006, 2013
3Zob Ahan412003, 2009, 2015, 20162001
4Sepahan42004, 2006, 2007, 2013
5Malavan341976, 1987, 19911988, 1989, 1992, 2011
6Tractor1320141976, 1995, 2017
7Bahman1219951997, 2000
=Fajr Sepasi1220012002, 2003
9Bargh Shiraz1119971996
=Saba Qom1120052007
=Naft Tehran1120172015
12Shahin Ahvaz11989
14Damash22008, 2019
=Kheibar Khorramabad11987
=Jonoob Ahvaz11994
=Rah Ahan12009
=Machine Sazi12010
=Shahin Bushehr12012
=Mes Kerman12014
=Khooneh be Khooneh12018
  • Damash Gilan was formerly named Pegah Gilan in the Hazfi Cup.


The champions are shown in Bold.

Season Location Home Away Score
1975–76Amjadieh, TehranMalavanTractor4–1
1976–77Amjadieh, TehranTajHoma2–0
1977–78Not Held
1986–87Shiroudi, TehranMalavanKheibar Khoramabad2–0
1987–88Azadi, TehranMalavanPersepolis0–1
Azadi, TehranPersepolisMalavan0–0
Persepolis won 1 – 0 on aggregate
1988–89Takhti, AnzaliMalavanShahin Ahvaz3–1
Takhti, AhvazShahin AhvazMalavan4–0
Shahin Ahvaz won 5 – 3 on aggregate
1989–90Not Held
1990–91Azadi, TehranEsteghlalMalavan1–1 (a.e.t.) (5–6 pen.)
1991–92Azadi, TehranPersepolisMalavan2–1
1992–93Not Held
1993–94Azadi, TehranSaipaJonoob Ahvaz0–0
Takhti, AhvazJonoob AhvazSaipa1–1
Saipa won 1 – 1 on aggregate on away goal
1994–95Takhti, TabrizTractorBahman1–0
Ekbatan, TehranBahmanTractor2–0
Bahman won 2 – 1 on aggregate
1995–96Hafezieh, ShirazBargh ShirazEsteghlal1–3
Azadi, TehranEsteghlalBargh Shiraz2–0
Esteghlal won 5 – 1 on aggregate
1996–97Azadi, TehranBargh ShirazBahman3–3 (a.e.t.) (3–0 pen.)
1997–98Not Held
1998–99Azadi, TehranPersepolisEsteghlal2–1
1999–00Azadi, TehranEsteghlalBahman3–1
2000–01Foolad Shahr, IsfahanZob AhanFajr Sepasi0–1
Hafezieh, ShirazFajr SepasiZob Ahan2–1
Fajr Sepasi won 3 – 1 on aggregate
2001–02Hafezieh, ShirazFajr SepasiEsteghlal1–2
Takhti, TehranEsteghlalFajr Sepasi2–2
Esteghlal won 4 – 3 on aggregate
2002–03Foolad Shahr, IsfahanZob AhanFajr Sepasi2–2
Hafezieh, ShirazFajr SepasiZob Ahan2–2
Zob Ahan won 6 – 5 on penalties
2003–04Naghsh-e-Jahan, IsfahanSepahanEsteghlal3–2
Azadi, TehranEsteghlalSepahan0–2
Sepahan won 5 – 2 on aggregate
2004–05Derakhshan, Robat KarimSaba BatteryAboomoslem1–1
Samen Al-Aeme, MashhadAboomoslemSaba Battery1–1 (a.e.t.)
Saba Battery won 4 – 2 on penalties
2005–06Azadi, TehranPersepolisSepahan1–1
Naghsh-e-Jahan, IsfahanSepahanPersepolis1–1 (a.e.t.)
Sepahan won 4 – 2 on penalties
2006–07Derakhshan, Robat KarimSaba BatterySepahan0–1
Naghsh-e-Jahan, IsfahanSepahanSaba Battery3–0
Sepahan won 4 – 0 on aggregate
2007–08Sardar Jangal, RashtPegahEsteghlal1–0
Azadi, TehranEsteghlalPegah3–0 (a.e.t.)
Esteghlal won 3 – 1 on aggregate
2008–09Ekbatan, TehranRah AhanZob Ahan1–0
Foolad Shahr, IsfahanZob AhanRah Ahan5–1
Zob Ahan won 5 – 2 on aggregate
2009–10Yadegar-e Emam, TabrizMachine SaziPersepolis0–1
Azadi, TehranPersepolisMachine Sazi3–1
Persepolis won 4 – 1 on aggregate
2010–11Azadi, TehranPersepolisMalavan4–2
Takhti, AnzaliMalavanPersepolis1–0
Persepolis won 4 – 3 on aggregate
2011–12Hafezieh, ShirazEsteghlalShahin Bushehr0–0 (a.e.t.) (4–1 pen.)
2012–13Azadi, TehranPersepolisSepahan2–2 (a.e.t.) (2–4 pen.)
2013–14Bahonar, KermanMes KermanTractor0–1
2014–15Takhti, TehranNaft TehranZob Ahan1–3
2015–16Arvandan, KhorramshahrEsteghlalZob Ahan1–1 (a.e.t.) (4–5 pen.)
2016–17Arvandan, KhorramshahrNaft TehranTractor1–0
2017–18Arvandan, KhorramshahrEsteghlalKhooneh be Khooneh1–0
2018–19Foolad Arena, AhvazDamash GilanPersepolis0–1
2019–20Pars, Shiraz

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