Iosif Șilimon

Iosif Șilimon (22 July 1918 – 8 February 1981)[1] was a Romanian aircraft designer.[2]

Iosif Șilimon
Born(1918-07-22)22 July 1918
Died8 February 1981(1981-02-08) (aged 62)

Education and early career

Șilimon graduated the Bucharest Aircraft Faculty (the aviation section of the Faculty of the Politehnica University of Bucharest) in 1941. In 1944, at Sânpetru, Șilimon obtains the "C" license, instructed by Gheorghe Brănescu and Nicolae Blebea. In 1947, at Ghimbav, he obtains the airplane pilot license "g. II tourism" trained by Petre Ticuşan.

In 1956, at Sânpetru, Șilimon obtains the "Silver C". From 1962 to 1964 he takes the "Golden C" tests. In 1962 "Master of Gliding". Between 1956 and 1963 Șilimon participates in eight national selection and national championships, having honorable results. In 1960, Șilimon receives the "Paul Tissandier" diploma. In 1964 he participates in the Băneasa Air Show, with his self-built IS-3 pipe fuselage glider.[2]

Professional activity

From the IS-2 glider in 1949 until 1981, he designed and built 32 types of gliders and four motor gliders, of which, in mass production, IS-3D (156 units), IS-28B2 (359 units), IS-29-D2 (156 units) and 34 IS-28B-M2 motor gliders beloved both in the country and everywhere on Earth. Beside the gliders that made up the passion of his life, he worked as a chief engineer and then technical director at the Ghimbav factory, designed and built hundreds of serial aircraft with classic engines and Alouette and Puma helicopters on a French license. He worked at IAR Brasov from 1941 to 1951 until the aviation section was abolished (since 1944 head of cell assembly section); from 1951 to 1959 at URMV-3, the famous hangar 2 of the bomber flotilla in Brașov; from 1959 to 1968 at the Local Industry Enterprise in Ghimbav, aeronautical constructions section; from 1968, he worked at the new facilities of Aviation Construction Industry (ICA) in Ghimbav. He did a titanic job, and was dedicated to aeronautical production in Romania. He found time to teach courses at the Transilvania University of Brașov and write an important piece of work for glider pilots "Glider's flight", edited in 1971.[2]

Later years and death

This great man, with a special charm, a charismatic figure, was a fierce warrior with the hardships that stood in his way, especially during the 1950-1965 period when he did the impossible to maintain the Romanian aviation manufacturing, during the reorganization and abolition period. He made the Ghimbav units internationally famous, through his outstanding performance, supported by a team that understood and appreciated this great builder and organizer. Unfortunately, the tragedies did not spare him. He assisted, one by one, at the loss of his two sons, the first student in Medicine in Bucharest, died at the earthquake on 4 March 1977 and the second, Cristian, student in the last year of high school, glider pilot, victim the stupid Sânpetru minibus crash of 4 July 1978. He manly survived the unjust blows, until the beginning of February 1981 when his heart ceased to beat, after a fatal lung disease, contracted on Ghimbav airfield. After almost two decades after his disappearance, the planes built by him, continue to be the basis for Romanian gliding.[2]

Gliders designed


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