Inverurie Academy

Inverurie Academy is a secondary school in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. The school is one of the seventeen secondary schools run by Aberdeenshire Council. Inverurie Academy is located on Jackson Street, Inverurie.[1]

Inverurie Academy
The entrance to the school building.
Inverurie Academy
Inverurie Academy
Inverurie Academy
Off Market Place
Jackson Street

, ,
AB51 3PX

Coordinates57.2831°N 2.3772°W / 57.2831; -2.3772
TypeSecondary school
MottoLatin: Spiritus Intus Alit
(The spirit within sustains)
Local authorityAberdeenshire Council
RectorMark Jones
Age11 to 18
Enrolment900 (approx)
HousesDavah, Harlaw, Selbie, Barra, Crichie
Colour(s)Yellow and blue
School yearsS1-S6
WebsiteInverurie Academy


Built in the Victorian Period, the school was originally split into both a secondary school and a primary, although after Market Place the need for a primary decreased and the building was merged in 1909, keeping primary pupils until the statutory leaving age of 14, the other taking the pupils who had passed their Qualifying exam on to higher education. This was the founding of the building known as Inverurie Academy. Since then, new parts of the school have been added, the most recent in the mid 1980s. A new building is scheduled to be built to replace the old in 2020.

The buildings remained that way until they were joined in the 1950s, and amalgamated in the 1960s with the building of the new Assembly Hall. The final stage of building was constructed in the 1980s.[2] The school will be transitioning to the newly built Inverurie Community Campus in the 2020/2021 school year


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